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John W. Gunn Middle School
River East Transcona School Division

​Staff Directory

For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
G. AlksnisTeacher / Teacher4629Website
M. AllfordTeacher / Teacher4940Website
S. Anderson-CheysTeacher / Teacher4634Website
T. Arbuckle SchultzEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
S. ArmstrongEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
N. BoisTeacher / Teacher4146 
H. BrittonTeacher / Teacher5085Website
K. DerksenEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
D. DesrosiersLibrary Tech / Library Tech Website
P. DuggalTeacher / Teacher4758Website
T. EiersCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
A. EnsTeacher / Teacher4698Website
N. FindlayTeacher / Teacher2600Website
D. FinlayPrincipal / Principal2591Website
B. ForsythTeacher / Teacher5380 
C. Forsyth-BretecherTeacher / Teacher2599Website
C. FriesenEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. GerusEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. GerusTeacher / Teacher4303Website
T. GogalEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
J. HanuschukTeacher / Teacher5232Website
T. HebelEducation Asst / Ea2 Youth Care Worker  
D. HonkeHead Custodian / Head Custodian 2  
S. JonesCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
C. KaegiTeacher / Teacher4421Website
J. KryschukTeacher / Teacher4960Website
K. KushnierTeacher / Teacher4462Website
S. KuzykEducation Asst / Ea2 Youth Care Worker  
B. LeTeacher / Teacher5389 
V. LemusCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
C. LewickiTeacher / Teacher5383 
K. LlewellynEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
B. MillerTeacher / Teacher4885Website
J. PatersonTeacher / Teacher4347 
W. PatonTeacher / Teacher4626Website
T. PennellVice-Principal / Teacher / Vice-Principal2588Website
M. PhanCustodian / Day/Night Custodian  
M. PomaranskiTeacher / Teacher4627Website
D. PopovichClerk / Secretary2587 
A. RitlbauerTeacher / Teacher2594Website
G. RoweClerk / Clc Head Secretary2586 
L. SmolinskiTeacher / Teacher5043Website
K. StetsonTeacher / Teacher5223Website
O. SurgeonerTeacher / Teacher2602 
J. TratchTeacher / Teacher2595Website
M. TrunzoTeacher / Teacher5274 
D. WanklingTeacher / Teacher2592Website
M. WichertTeacher / Teacher5251Website
D. WinklerEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
C. YoungTeacher / Teacher4836Website
D. ZahariaTeacher / Teacher4871Website