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Joseph Teres School
River East Transcona School Division


Joseph Teres School offers a full-spectrum curriculum as mandated by Manitoba Education. We strive to provide each student with an opportunity to reach their individual potential by providing an integrated program that encourages academic, social, physical, and emotional growth. Our programming focuses on the following:

  • Language arts (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and spelling)
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Home reading (to foster parental involvement in reading)
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Physical education/health
  • Music
  • Computer

Basic French

Basic French is offered to all students in Grades 4 and 5. The course is primarily oral with some focus on written work in the upper grades.


The library has a teacher librarian and a library technician. Book selection is held once during the six-day cycle. We have a co-operative, resource-based learning program where the classroom teacher and teacher librarian plan and institute projects with the students from Grades 1 to 5. The projects are curriculum-based and help to reinforce writing, thinking, and research skills while using the library and technology as resources.

Reading Recovery

The Reading Recovery program is an early intervention program for six-year-old students. It is an intensive, short-term reading and writing program taught one-to-one for 30 minutes per day by qualified Reading Recovery teachers. Students are selected for this program by a team consisting of the classroom teacher, resource teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, and administration. Parents are a vital part of this program as home practice is essential for students involved in this program.

Home Reading Program

The Home Reading Program is a literacy outreach program that encourages parents to share reading experiences with their child(ren). Children are encouraged to take books home and parents are encouraged to communicate back to the school about the reading experience.


We have one full-time music teacher who provides an interesting, enjoyable music program. In addition to the regular curriculum, the children have the opportunity of performing in choirs and special school productions. 

Computer Program

Computers and other technology are learning tools for students in our educational system. They are integrated into many areas of the curriculum at Joseph Teres. Every student from kindergarten to Grade 5 has access to the computers.

Physical Education

The Joseph Teres phys-ed program has an exciting, dynamic curriculum. The program is instructed by one qualified, dedicated phys-ed. specialist. The classes are carefully planned to ensure every child has some degree of success. The phys-ed. program builds on these successes and can hopefully make the early years student appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle. As well, our program will equip students with the physical skills required to pursue many, many different activities. Thus, our goal to develop the whole child and ensure physical, social, and emotional growth will be met. In order to meet challenges in the future, students will need to be energetic, enthusiastic, have the ability to work co-operatively in groups, and have a sense of emotional well-being. Nothing else provides these opportunities more than a well-designed phys-ed program.


The Joseph Teres School Intramural Program compliments the phys-ed program. This extra time in the gym gives the child an opportunity to make new friends, practise physical skills (play out team strategies), develop commitment/responsibility, and have a lot of fun. Our intramural program is popular and is offered to Grades 1 through 5 during recess and lunchtime. The intramural program is successful because of the great help of Grade 5 student referees and our staff who volunteer their time to supervise. 

Besides the monthly intramural activities and games, Joseph Teres also provides many club opportunities. Joseph Teres is a physically active place and we're proud of all our student and staff contributions.