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Joseph Teres School
River East Transcona School Division

Staff Directory

​For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
J. AquinTeacher / Teacher4976Website
R. BrownTeacher / Teacher4216 
J. ChisholmTeacher / Teacher2519Website
C. CostikCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
J. Da SilvaHead Custodian / Head Custodian 2 Website
D. DavisTeacher / Teacher4126Website
L. DelarondeEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
J. FlightTeacher / Teacher2509Website
A. FolkertsPrincipal / Principal2510Website
P. FranksClerk / Secretary2767 
T. FreiterTeacher / Teacher5315Website
E. FriesenTeacher / Teacher4341Website
L. GelTeacher / Teacher5349Website
S. GosnellCustodian / Day/Night Custodian  
K. GoughTeacher / Teacher5049Website
S. HandoTeacher / Teacher Candidate  
L. HepworthLibrary Tech / Library Tech  
S. HumenyEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
J. JolicoeurNon-Union / Early Numeracy Facilitator  
M. KirnerTeacher / Teacher  
R. KlassenTeacher / Teacher4415Website
F. KrieglTeacher / Teacher4636Website
J. KroetschTeacher / Teacher4790Website
C. KucherhanTeacher / Teacher4164Website
P. MacDonellVice-Principal / Teacher / Vice-Principal2511Website
K. MagasClerk / Clc Head Secretary2514 
D. MarkhamTeacher / Teacher2517Website
K. MartinoNon-Union / Comm Prog Coord-Preschool2301 
R. McintyreEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
S. McNeilEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
D. McRorieTeacher / Teacher2520Website
L. MoyerTeacher / Teacher4537Website
L. NatuikTeacher / Teacher5055Website
D. NelsonCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
C. NiblettTeacher / Teacher4524Website
B. NightingaleTeacher / Teacher4316Website
C. PososkiEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
P. SakundiakTeacher / Teacher4274Website
E. SawaTeacher / Teacher5381 
K. SchadeTeacher / Teacher5032Website
J. SchlagTeacher / Teacher4767Website
M. ShawarskyTeacher / Teacher4949Website
K. SidloskiTeacher / Teacher4313Website
C. SpakCasual / Adult Crossing Guard  
S. StreileinEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. TaylorEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
R. TaylorTeacher / Teacher4837Website
T. Teacher 3  Website
T. TurnerTeacher / Teacher2521Website
K. UnrauTeacher / Teacher4997Website
M. WatchornTeacher / Teacher5058Website
C. WeirTeacher / Teacher5329