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John Pritchard School
River East Transcona School Division

Industrial Arts

All students will receive instruction in both technology education industrial arts and home economics once a school cycle (morning or afternoon) for the entire school year. Students taking technology education industrial arts will attend John Pritchard.
The manufacturing shop consists of woodworking, metals and plastics.

General objectives

  • a better understanding of the materials, tools, and processes associated with the woodworking, metal, an plastic industry.
  • an average ability in the use of hand tool, as well as a variety of power tools. Safety will be stressed.

Design Lab

Computer use in technology education promotes technological literacy and problem solving strategies, resulting in personal growth and awareness. No longer is the technology in shops limited to the tools and machines used in building wood, plastic and metal projects. Now the computer plays an integral role in the process of problem solving, from planning and designing to actual construction and evaluation.

We are using a software program called the Technology Wheel. MasterCam X2 is the program that is being used for computer aided design. To deliver instruction, safety procedures and demonstrations we are using PowerPoint as well as analogue video on a data display projector.

The Technology Wheel

The Technology Wheel is a multimedia software program written in HyperCard that focuses on a blend of hands on, problem solving activities. Technology topics are clustered around a central hub which contains an introduction, outcomes, theory information, a student quiz, problem solving activities, as well as student evaluation.


Students learn the basic principles of flight, and how airplanes fly and are controlled. They design and build a balsa wood glider that will be in competition with their classmates to determine which plane stays in the air the longest.

Aerodynamics / Propulsion

Students learn the fundamentals of aerodynamics (lift, drag) and the fundamental forces of propulsion (efficiency, power, and fuel consumption). They design, construct, and race a scaled model wooden dragster powered by a CO2 cartridge. The challenge is to construct the MastercamX2e fastest car in the class.

Bottle Rockets

Students learn the basic parts and functions of a rocket. They design and construct a model rocket out of a plastic 600ml. soft drink bottle, powered by a CO2 cartridge. Students launch their rockets outside on the playing field and may go as high as 75 metres in the air.


MastercamX2 is a very powerful 2D/3D drafting/CNC and design program. Students learn to create text, lines, arcs, rectangles, polylines, ovals/circles, fillets, chamfers, polygons, walls and symbols. They can manipulate these objects through reshaping, clipping, rotating, mirroring and dimensioning. Approximately 25 per cent of the year is spent drafting/designing with MastercamX2.


Students learn mechanical drawing of single views, orthographic projections.


Students draw their shop projects and make printed templates before constructing them. They also use the CAD program for designing problem solving projects such as a balsa glider, C02 dragster and bottle rockets.