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John Pritchard School
River East Transcona School Division

English as an Additional Language

River East Transcona School Division provides support to students learning English as an additional language. Students should be placed in the most beneficial learning environment and, as much as possible, integrated into a regular school situation. The length of the program varies according to student progress. Students in grades 7, 8 and 9 may be eligible for transportation. Listen to a "Welcome" to our school spoken by students in the English as an Additional Language Program, in their first languages.

Language Development

The EAL program provides an opportunity for intense language exposure. Emphasis is placed on reading, writing, listening and speaking, ranging from beginner to advanced language skills. Attention is paid to:

• Survival English 
• Conversational English 
• English for academic purposes

 Academic Upgrading

• EAL students are encouraged to maximize their learning potential through individualized and small group instruction. 
• Units of study include topics adapted from the regular provincial curricula. 
• EAL students are eligible for E-designation credits in core subjects including language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. 
• Gradual integration into regular classes provides transition support from survival and conversational English to English for academic purposes. 
• Training in computer skills is included in programming.

Social Integration and Emotional Support

The EAL program encourages students to develop positive attitudes and perceptions about themselves as part of a Canadian school system and society. Support for social integration and emotional needs is provided through:

• EAL teacher 
• EAL student mentorship 
• Advocacy for EAL students 
• Liaison between school, home and community 
• Access to translators 
• School and division resources, such as special needs and counselling 
• Referrals to outside agencies

 A Positive Experience

“EAL is good because it gives me experience in English for my future.”

“The EAL teacher introduces us to other students and teachers. She shows us around the school. She shows us how to use computers.”

“When I first came to Canada, I felt really scared and nervous. EAL classes helped me to feel comfortable.”

“EAL is like another home for us immigrant people. It is something that changes students from the scared faces who were without English background to new independent people. EAL is the first step in our (immigrants’) way to success.”