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John Pritchard School
River East Transcona School Division

Student Services


The Resource Program at John Pritchard is available to all students and may be provided on an individual, group or whole-classroom basis. It is aimed at providing the best possible instruction for each learner.
The program is run by school-based resource teachers who serve as a support to regular classroom teachers in meeting the needs of students. The resource teacher, in co-operation with the classroom teacher and parents, determines the needs of the children referred and develops practical, educational programs for implementation by the classroom and resource teachers.


Counselling services are available to all students at the junior high level. Services may be obtained by students through self-referral, teacher referral or parent referral. Students receive assistance and support individually and in small or large groups. Counselling services may be developmental, preventative or crisis-oriented and are intended to assist families with specific personal/social difficulties or particular educational or career issues.

The goals of the counselling program are to:

 Assist students in leading more productive, self-directed lives.
 Assist students in developing self-awareness and positive self-esteem. 
 Assist students in developing effective communication skills and positive interpersonal relationships. 
 Assist students in learning how to apply a decision-making process regarding their educational, personal/social and career choices. 
 Assist students in developing coping strategies.
 Provide emotional support and assistance to students.

Learning Assistance Room (L.A.R.)

The LAR is designed to assist students who are being unsuccessful in the classroom or require an alternate setting to work in for a period of time.

School Crisis Response Team

The John Pritchard crisis response team is comprised of school personnel, designated to respond to a crisis event that has occurred, related to a student, parent or staff member. Team members should be individuals who possess skills conducive to maintaining stability in the school environment. The role of the team is to:

 Respond immediately.
 Assist in recognizing the needs of staff and students and suggesting appropriate actions and resources.
 Assist administration in their handling of the tragic situation.
 Provide material support and professional training/awareness for all staff members.
 Legitimize the grieving process.
 Annually review and update the crisis response plan and communicate the plan to the entire staff. 

Every school in River East Transcona School Division is required to submit a school crisis response plan to the Superintendent's Department on an annual basis. In the event of a school crisis, members of the crisis response team assume the roles as specified in the school crisis response plan.