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Dear Prospective Band Parent/Guardian:

Thank you for taking a brief moment to review some important information that could have a lasting impact on the future of your child. All parents are interested in providing the most advantageous opportunity for the welfare of their children. These next few paragraphs will help you in this important goal.

Each year John Pritchard School offers the chance for every sixth grader to participate in beginning band. We are very excited about our instrumental music program and eagerly look forward to this new crop of budding young artists who will join this year's class of musicians.

Contrary to what many parents think, it is quite easy and very cost-effective based on flexible instrument rental programs, class lessons, band rehearsals scheduled during the school day, and an atmosphere of cooperation designed to have every child enjoy this meaningful experience.

Whether your child has or has not expressed an interest in playing an instrument, please consider this option for it has been found that many people are unaware of the extended growth potential inherent in the study of music. Arts related subjects have a positive impact on every area of study in school. Participating in band will offer your child a better understanding in all of his/her academic studies. Current research confirms the study of music is one of the most effective tools to improve learning throughout a child's academic curriculum.

Students begin Band in Grade 6. There are three Concert Bands:

1.       The Grade 6 Band (beginner)

2.       The Grade 7 Band

3.       The Grade 8 Band

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