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John Pritchard School
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Student Involvement

Unity In Diversity

John Pritchard School celebrates diversity every day, but especially around one day in March designated as the International Day for Elimination of Racism. At that time of year, we celebrate diversity through a whole-school event planned and organized by teachers and the Students Without Borders (UNESCO) group. There are three types of events which provides for a three year cycle, giving students a rich and varied experience in understanding and enjoying diversity.

Intramural Activities

For students in Kindergarten to Grade 5, The intramural program provides an enrichment opportunity for all students to develop game skills in a competitive but non-threatening environment.  Students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 are invited to come down to the Jackson Gym on assigned days of the school cycle at first recess to participate in different activities throughout the school year.

Day 2                Grade K, 1 & 2 Intramurals
Day 4                Grade 3 & 4 Intramurals
Day 6                Grade 5 Intramurals

For students in Grades 7-9, intramural activities are offered year round, during the lunch hour period.  We believe this to be an important part of our Physical Education program, as it provides an opportunity for all students to engage in physical activity in a competitive yet non-threatening environment.

The objectives of the Intramural Sports Program are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities for individuals to develop lifetime fitness concepts.
  • To provide opportunities for every individual, regardless of his skill ability, to enjoy the thrill of voluntary participation.
  • To provide opportunities for the development of positive attitudes toward recreational activity and healthy living throughout life.
  • To provide opportunities for social contact and the development of lasting friendships.
  • To provide leadership and fellowship opportunities through group participation.

Please go to the Physical Education Gr. 6-9 page for more detailed information regarding Intramural Sports.

Extra Curricular Clubs/Events (Grades 5 & 6)

Extra curricular clubs are offered to students in the upper elementary and require a high level of commitment and dedication.  It is the expectation that students who choose to participate in these programs make a strong effort to come out to all practices, which take place at noon hour (11:50-12:15).  Students who show commitment in extra curricular clubs will have additional opportunities to participate in divisional events.

Interscholastic Sports (Grades 6-8)

At John Pritchard we believe that interscholastic activities play an integral part of a student's overall educational experience. It provides an opportunity for all students to develop and use interscholastic participation in an environment that provides meaningful positive competition, enhances physical and mental well being. Through this component of the Physical Education Program, students have the opportunity to learn and develop various essential life skills.  Goal-setting and challenge, teamwork and self-confidence, succeeding and failing, are just some of the lessons learned and values strengthened through involvement in interscholastic sports. 

The following sports are played at the interscholastic level: cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field. With the exception of cross-country running, where a "no-cut" policy is in place, the volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field teams are all selected by a try out process.  

Please go to the Physical Education Gr. 6-8 page for more detailed information regarding Interscholastic Sports.

Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run is held each year at John Pritchard School to remember, to honour, and to support, a great Canadian Hero, Terry Fox, and his dream; a cure for cancer. The entire school participates in a run through the community for the older students and around our grounds for the younger students.