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École John Henderson Middle School
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Art is a form of visual communication and expression. The goal of the Visual Arts Program at John Henderson Junior High School is to allow students to discover ways to express themselves and understand the world around them by developing skills in visual awareness, art production, and art appreciation.

Visual Awareness: Learning to see

Artistic inspiration can come from anywhere, and art is all around us. By developing visual awareness, students will learn to see, pay attention to detail, and become more aware of the visual messages around them.

Art Production: Learning to do

Creative expression can come in many forms. Students will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of techniques and media, including charcoal, pastels, painting, sculpture, and clay.

Art Appreciation: Learning to know about and understand art

The elements and principles of art are the basic building blocks that every work of art created is based on. Students will learn how to recognize the elements and principles of art by learning about famous artists, looking at and discussing well-known works of art, as well as how to include them in their own work.