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École John Henderson Middle School
River East Transcona School Division
Physical Education

photo for website.jpgThe physical education program at École John Henderson Middle School strives to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge for leading a physically active and healthy lifestyle.  The three main strands of the Physical Education Program include a curricular, intramural and interscholastic component; all of which provide for the continued physical, cognitive and social development of our students.

Curricular component - This component of the program focuses on the acquisition of skills and abilities in the areas of movement, fitness management, and safety.  Through this learning process, students are exposed to a wide range of traditional and non-traditional sports and activities, as they work towards the adoption of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Intramural component - This component of the program offers activities to all students during the second half of the lunch hour.  Intramurals include traditional and non-traditional activities run through various formats.  Some activities are scheduled as team sign-up or tournament style, while others are simply show up and play.  Another part of our intramural program is open gym, which allows students to actively participate in whichever physical activity they enjoy.  There is also an open gym that lasts for 15 minutes every morning, where all students may freely come into the gym to shoot hoops or play volleyball before the school day formally begins.  Each grade is provided two opportunities to participate in intramurals within a six day cycle.  Some examples of our intramural program include Dodgeball, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Badminton and Basketball.

Interscholastic component - This component of the program provides opportunities for our students to further develop their athletic skills and abilities.  Grade 7 and 8 students are provided the opportunity to compete in various sports against other middle schools in the division.  For some there is a try out process; while others are open to anybody that shows up.  Grade 6 students will have the opportunity to participate in sports clubs during the lunch hour; some multi-school tournaments will be provided for the participating students.  Some examples of our interscholastic program include Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Track, Badminton and Outdoor Track.

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