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École John Henderson Middle School
River East Transcona School Division

Student Behaviour

Students are expected to display courteous and helpful behaviours towards staff and each other. Proper language and manners will be expected at all times. It is also expected that students will take good care of their school and school property, their belongings and the belongings of others. The school abides by the division's code of conduct protocol.


Students are expected to attend school on a regular basis. Where illness or circumstances necessitate a student being absent, parents/guardians are asked to call the school as secretaries phone the homes of all students whose absence has not been excused by a parent/guardian. There is an answering machine operative during the hours when the school is not open. If at all possible, parents and students are asked to make appointments for students outside of the regular school day.


Students are expected to develop an attitude reflecting the importance of being on time. Students who are late must report to the office for a late slip in order to be admitted to class. Students who miss class time due to excessive or chronic lateness will serve lunch detentions.

Technology Guide​lines and Expectations (regarding Cell Phones and Electronic Devices)



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Leave of Absence

If it is necessary for a student to leave school during regular hours, he/she must produce a valid note from a parent/guardian. A leave of absence form must then be filled out and signed by someone in the office. This form is then shown to the teacher from whose class the student must leave. The form should be left at the office prior to the student leaving. In the case where a student has forgotten a note, office personnel must make a phone call to parents.

Dress code

Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for a learning and working environment. Parents and students are responsible for appropriate student attire. In keeping with the division's objective to make all students and staff feel safe, welcome and comfortable in the River East Transcona School Division, offensive images usch as inappropriate slogans, racist, sexist or demeaning pictures and/or words on clothing, handbags, backpacks, etc. are not permitted. School administrators with have the authority to address inappropriate attire in their schools.​​

All SAINTS will ...

- keep all headwear for outdoors only

- keep midfiffs covered at all times

- keep proper footwear on at all times

- Keep neckline tops appropriate for a school setting

- wear attire that is appropriate for a working and learning environment

Physical Education Classes

Jewellery will not be worn in physical education classes. School expectations regarding jewellery are as follows:

Because wearing jewellery in physical education classes and extracurricular athletic activities is a safety concern, all students are expected to remove all jewellery for the duration of the class or activity. There is no taping of earrings or piercings.

If a student has a new piercing or is considering a piercing, please note the following as part of the decision-making process.

During the designated healing time, the student will not participate in contact physical activities; however, a non-contact physical activity such as running laps or riding the stationary bike might be assigned. Also, the student might be assigned written tasks or projects relating to the current theme of study.

Healing times recognized by the school are as follows: ear - 5 to 6 weeks; nose, lip, eyebrow - 6 to 8 weeks

Non-smoking policy

The River East Transcona School Division is a non-smoking division. This means that adults and students are not allowed to smoke in the school, anywhere on school property or in the proximity of the school building itself.

Alcohol/drug abuse policy

The use or possession of alcohol or illicit drugs is strictly prohibited. When a student is found to be in possession or under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs during the school day or at any school sponsored activity, that student will be suspended from school and school activities for a minimum of five full days. Parents/guardians and the assistant superintendent of schools will be notified. AFM (Addictions Foundation of Manitoba) assessment and counselling will be recommended.

Possession of alcohol or drugs with the intent to distribute or sell will be referred to the police. The student will be suspended from school and referred to the assistant superintendent of schools for followup action. AFM assessment and counselling will be mandantory.

Food/drinks in the classroom

Food and drinks are not allowed in the classes and hallways during instructional time unless special arrangements have been made by the teacher in charge.

Bus rules

Students are expected to be co-operative, considerate and safety-conscious when being transported by school bus. They are reminded that they are under the authority of the bus driver during this time and are expected to follow all rules and regulations. Students who refuse to co-operate forfeit the privilege of riding on the bus.

Fire drills

Fire regulations state that we must have ten fire drills per year. There is a sign in each room indicating the door to be used for exiting. Students are expected to exit and re-enter the building in a quiet, orderly fashion.