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John G. Stewart School
River East Transcona School Division


Eagle Award Points Program

Students at John G. Stewart School have the opportunity to earn Eagle Award points each week of school by completing 85 per cent or better of their classes for that week.

Eagle Award certificates are awarded each week during a school assembly and points are accumulated over each of the three 13-week terms of school.  At the conclusion of a 13-week term, students whose points total equals nine are entitled to a $5 restaurant certificate.  Students reaching the ten point level will receive a $10 retail certificate as well as the restaurant certificate.

Students who reach the 11 point level are entitled to the now famous Limousine Lunch. The limousine lunch includes limousine transportation to and from a restaurant and a meal with other winners and staff members.

Attendance Honour Roll

  • Each month at John G. Stewart School, we honour those students who achieved 90 per cent or better attendance for any calendar month.
  • Students reaching honour roll status will have their name displayed on the hallway bulletin board, will receive a small self-selected prize and their name will be added to a draw for a $10 gift certificate. Students with perfect attendance have their name entered in the gift certificate draw three times.

Bear Awards

The Seven Sacred Teachings refer to seven human characteristics and are each represented by an animal.

The bear represents courage and we at John G. Stewart School honour those students who have the courage to do the right thing.

Once a week staff members honour students’ good deeds or actions by awarding them a “Bear Award Certificate.”  During morning announcements students are called to the office to collect their certificates and to select a number for the “Bear Award Lunch Chart.”  Students who are part of a group of five that make a line on the chart are entitled to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.