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John de Graff School
River East Transcona School Division


John de Graff School is an English track school that offers all of the required courses of study for an English program as authorized by Manitoba Education, as well as programs sanctioned by River East Transcona School Division. These programs include:

• English Language Arts 
• Mathematics
• Science 
• Social Studies
• Physical Education / Health 
• Music
• Art
• Basic French (Grade 4-5)

Children in kindergarten to Grade 5 are provided with an active physical education program. Morning, recess and lunch hour activities/clubs may include: fitness games, cross country running, soccer, touch football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, curling, and jump rope. As well, there is a well-developed outdoor education program that incorporates off site learning. The focus of the physical education program is to encourage skill development, fitness and fair play.

Students receive a music program that stresses music literacy and appreciation. Through a variety of elementary music education methods students are taught music using several media: Creativity / improvisation, movement, playing of pitched / non-pitched instruments and singing.