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Involvement of parents in our school is essential. Parents are involved in a number of volunteer activities in and out of our classrooms. As well, parents have organized a Harold Hatcher School Community Council (HHSCC).

What is the HHSCC?

The HHSCC is headed up by an executive council. All members of the HHSCC have the right to participate in any decision-making process undertaken by the council.

Parents and community members are invited to attend public meetings held by the council. Regular public meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the school staff room next to the library. Child care is provided.

What is its purpose?

The HHSCC ensures that every program and activity of the council focuses on the student, the most important component in the educational system. The HHSCC supports and enhances the education of Harold Hatcher students, in co-operation with the administration and teaching staff, by discussing, informing and advising on divisional and school policies, procedures, curriculum, finance, facilities and the annual school plan, etc.

The HHSCC acts as a general liaison between the parents and residents of the school catchment area and the educators and support staff of Harold Hatcher Elementary School. They also act as a resource organization, providing information and assistance on school and divisional activities. They may inform parents of programs within the school, involve them in activities to enable them to better assist their children with school courses and studies, and advise and facilitate parent education in the school and community. They may raise funds by various means to meet these or any objectives, as determined by the HHSCC. They strive to foster cultural activities within the school and assist in creating a safe neighbourhood environment for the well-being of the children who reside in it.

If you would like further information about the HHSCC, please call (204) 958-6880.

The Harold Hatcher Community Council email address:

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