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Hampstead School
River East Transcona School Division


Hampstead School offers a full-spectrum curriculum as mandated by Manitoba Education. We strive to provide each student with an opportunity to reach their individual potential by providing an integrated program that encourages academic, social, physical, and emotional growth. Our programming focuses on the following:

  • Language arts (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and spelling) 
  • Basic French (Grades 4 and 5) 
  • Mathematics 
  • Home reading (to foster parental involvement in reading) 
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Physical education/health
  • Music
  • Computer technology


Hampstead School has a computer lab, as well as stand-alone computers available in each classroom. The technology continuum at Hampstead is divided into two learning stages:

  • Exploratory state: students are expected to have a general exposure to, and experience with, a variety of information technologies as learning tools.
  • Skill development state: students are expected to acquire specific information technology skills and knowledge in the context of core subject areas.


Students at Hampstead participate in two to three music classes per six-day cycle. Grade 1 to 5 students also participate in choir. Through singing, moving, and playing age-appropriate instruments, music classes encourage creativity, co-operation, and development of skills. We work on developing the singing voice and rhythmic skills for the younger students, expanding to recorder and basic notation skills for the older students. Students have several opportunities to participate in music clubs, such as Orff, drumming, musical theatre, and the WSO event.


Students visit the library for book exchange and library classes in topics such as research skills, information technology, author/illustrator studies, literary games, literature appreciation, and current events.

Physical Education/Health

The physical education/health foundation for implementation and safety guidelines documents are used to provide a basis for the physical education program. The documents facilitate children learning through the importance of safe and fair play, social responsibility, knowledge and demonstrations of movement skills, fitness, and healthy and active lifestyles.

Intramurals and extracurriculars offer a wide variety of activities that are provided on a weekly basis, creating an exciting, active, and positive environment at Hampstead School. These programs are highlighted by special events such as the tumbling rally, Turkey Trot, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and the Folk Dance Festival.

Basic French

The basic French program provides instruction in the French language for students in Grades 4 and 5.