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Hampstead School
River East Transcona School Division

Hampstead Parent Association (HPA)

Who we are 

We are a group of Hampstead School parents, caregivers and staff working together to enhance the school experience for children, families and staff. It is a place to voice opinions and suggestions on how to improve aspects of the school.

Where we meet

We meet once a month in the evenings for a couple hours. 

What we do

Our main focus this year is to find ways to encourage more parental and community involvement with the school. There are a wide variety of topics discussed. There is always the opportunity to introduce new ones. Some of the recent discussions have included the following:

  • Fundraising events for the school through out the school year
  • The breakfast and lunch programs
  • How to improve the quality and enthusiasm of learning in the school
  • Improving the schools appearance and moral

Aboriginal Family Group

We are groups of families from the Hampstead communities, who get together to learn more about the aboriginal culture and get closer with our kids.

We welcome anyone of any culture to join us! We are a learning group of people. We meet once a month and enjoy a potluck supper together. This year we are learning the Seven Sacred Teachings. We'll also do crafts and have gym time and a sharing circle.\

How to reach us

For more information, please contact the school at 654-1818

There are currently no announcements.

There are currently no events.

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