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Hampstead School
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Lighthouse Program

​Lighthouse is a community based crime-prevention program designed to develop youth, police/justice personnel and community partnerships across Manitoba. These partnerships promote opportunities for kids and youth to get involved in selecting and implementing a wide range of crime prevention, citizenship and recreational activities outside school hours.


This program offers kids and youth positive environments by involving them in identifying, participating in, developing and leading activities and learning new skills.


Some of the Lighthouse objectives and goals is to increase self esteem, self worth and self confidence through participation, to engage kids and youth in positive activities and to positive role models. Our goal is to also provide kids and youth with a safe, healthy and positive environment on a regular basis throughout the school year.


“Our Place” Lighthouse program is available for kids at Hampstead School in grades 4 and 5. We operate on  Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. with occasional outings outside of regular Lighthouse hours.


Please contact Karina Walker at if you have any questions.