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Keeping You Informed

January 18, 2022

pexels-ivan-samkov-4624907.jpgRecently, we updated parents/guardians regarding changes in how we are keeping our school communities informed about presumed COVID-19 cases and attendance rates.

Public Health measures have been adapted to reflect the changing public health situation. The increased transmissibility of the Omicron variant of concern has changed the approach to testing and case management of COVID-19 cases. Schools no longer provide close contact notifications on individual cases, nor do they provide community notification letters as managing cases and contacts at the individual level is no longer effective, as per Public Health direction.

Each RETSD school will now be reporting weekly to their communities. The weekly report will indicate the number of presumed positive COVID-19 cases connected to the school and provide an attendance overview. In order for our schools to have accurate records for their weekly reports, they are counting on parents/guardians to report presumed positive cases of COVID-19 (PCR or Rapid Antigen Test result).

Along with the weekly reports, parents/guardians can keep up-to-date on confirmed cases of COVID-19 by visiting the COVID-19 Dashboard for school-aged cases and school staff cases in Manitoba.

Keep in mind that self-isolation (quarantine) and isolation requirements have recently been updated. Please see below for the most up-to-date guidance on isolation.

Isolation Graphic Jan1722.jpg