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École Centrale
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​Health and Well Being


If a student becomes ill during school hours, and it is necessary to leave the school, the secretary will phone the parents/guardians.

A child who receives a minor injury such as a scrape, bruise or cut will be attended to by our staff.  Should a child receive a more serious injury, please note the following procedure: All attempts will be made to notify parents or guardians.  Failing to establish contact, the emergency contact person will be called.

Should no one be available for us to contact, we will transport the child to the nearest hospital for medical aid. If necessary, the school will call an ambulance at the parent’s/guardian’s  expense.


A number of our students and staff have extreme allergies to different foods, in particular nuts and any product that may contain traces of nuts as well as fresh fish. The allergies range from mild to life threatening. Some may have a reaction if an item containing nuts or fresh fish is in their proximity. Staff members are aware of this situation and have been instructed in the correct procedures regarding anaphylactic shock.  Prevention is the best approach. We request your cooperation in refraining from sending food products that may contain any type of nut or fresh fish to school. Students have been asked not to share recess snacks or treats. Access divisional information about anaphylaxis and asthma.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

Administration of Prescribed Medication

To ensure the safety and protection of students, RETSD has implemented a policy: The school does not administer non-prescribed, over-the-counter medication (e.g. Aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrup…).

Some students do require prescribed medication for the medical management of chronic disabilities and illnesses. In order for prescribed medication to be administered in school:

  1. The parent/guardian will notify the school of the student’s medical condition and will complete the Authorization for the Administration of Prescribed Medication to Student form (JHCD-E1) and submit it to the school administrator;
  2. Prescribed medication for student in an elementary school must be brought to school in a container that clearly indicates the name of the student and the medication.

Preferably, the parent/guardian should make arrangements with their physician to have prescribed medications administered outside of school hours. Medications must be delivered to the school by parent/guardian or responsible adult in the original pharmacy labeled container, which identifies clearly the name of the student, frequency and routine of administration and name of the medication and dose.

Temperature Guidelines

In the mornings, students remain in the school yard until the bell rings. Students are allowed to enter the building to use the washroom or if it is raining. As the temperature becomes colder, students enter the building in the morning and while waiting for the school bus at the end of the day.

École Centrale, along with the other elementary schools in this division, follows the new Wind Chill Index System. Students will go outside unless the wind chill index reaches -27 based on the Forks reading.(risk of frostbite in prolonged exposure - similar to previous 1800 watts/m2).

Children need fresh air and physical activity to assist with learning. On the chance that students would have to remain indoors for many consecutive recesses (days), and depending on the severity of the wind chill, they may be allowed a very short time outdoors.  

Emergency Closing of the School for Weather Reasons

In the event that it is necessary to close schools and/or cancel transportation because of severe weather conditions, the following procedure will be followed:

The decision to close schools and/or cancel transportation will be made by the superintendent in consultation with the director of transportation.

The decision to close, if it is made, will be conveyed to the director of transportation in River East Transcona School Division for all affected students.

The decision will be communicated to the media: 

CBC – 990 AM, 89.3 FM
CFWM (BOB) 99.9
FAB 94.3 FM
QX 104 FM
TSN Radio 1290
CJKR Power 97
CKMM Virgin Radio 103

CKSB (French)
CKXL Envol 91 (French)
Clear FM 102.3
CTV News
Global News
Winnipeg Free Press online

Please note that if the buses are cancelled in the morning, they will not run at the end of the day. Access more guidelines on cool weather.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

All schools in the River East Transcona School Division have a emergency preparedness plan. The plan helps staff and students be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Students have practiced for such events. This allows everyone to execute the plan in a safe, expedient fashion. In case of immediate evacuation, École Centrale will relocate to Calvin Christian School and/or St. Michael’s Ukranian Church.


Please make sure the school is aware of any legal restrictions regarding custody and visitation rights. Forward all relevant legal documents to the school.