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Donwood School
River East Transcona School Division


English-German Bilingual Program

The English-German Bilingual Program is designed to give all students the opportunity to study in German. They learn to speak, read, and write in German while following the provincial curriculum. In a bilingual heritage language program, the target language (German) is used as the language of instruction for 50 per cent or less of the school day. In kindergarten, this may be more than 50 per cent at the discretion of the teacher and school administration. At Donwood, from Grades 1 to 5, German instruction is done in German language arts, social studies, and health.

Physical Education

The main goals of the Donwood School physical education program are:

  • To help students develop an appreciation for physical activity.
  • To help students reach their potential in the development of their physical skills.


Music education is a developmental and sequential process. Students at the primary and intermediate age learn by doing. The music program includes multiple components and develops skills and knowledge through: singing, moving to the music, creating music, listening activities, dramatization, playing instruments, and reading and writing music.


Donwood has a resource program that works towards the inclusion of all children in our school. Support is given to staff to help plan and implement programming. Specific instruction is given to educational assistants who work with the students. We believe a team approach is essential in meeting the diverse needs of our school community.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a temporary intensive literacy intervention strategy for early readers who are "at risk" in beginning reading. It was developed and refined by carefully observing how readers learn to read, and by identifying the successful strategies they use. Reading Recovery was developed by Dr. Marie Clay, an educator and researcher.

Students participate in an intensive, daily 30-minute lesson. The instruction builds on individual strengths. Lessons are designed to help the child develop independent, self-extending strategies and to reach the average achievement levels of their classmates within 20 weeks. Parents have an important role to play in supporting the Reading Recovery program.


Counselling services provided at Donwood School address the social/emotional and personal needs of the students, as well as their need for appropriate academic programming. Support provided may be in individual or group counselling sessions, as well as whole-class programming. The counsellor, in liaison with classroom teachers and the resource department, consults with outside agencies on an "as needed" basis to support students, classrooms, and home.


Donwood volunteers are very special people doing important jobs! They are our liaison between the school and the community. Donwood volunteers work at a variety of tasks throughout the school. Whether our volunteers are filing library books, assisting with field days, reading with individual students, or creating student materials, they are valued members of our school team. All volunteers must complete a Child Abuse Registry check prior to volunteering in the school. These forms are available in the school office and require you to produce identification to office staff.