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Donwood School
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Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Plans

Rationale:  A schoolwide behaviour plan is central to the educational process.  As a staff we are committed to the delivery of quality programs to all of our students.

We, the staff of Donwood School, believe:

- that children want to be respected, treated fairly and recognized for their worth and abilities in a safe environment where they feel as if they belong,

- that children want to take ownership of their learning by having a say in what’s to be learned so that they can become independent,

- that children want to be involved in deciding rules and consequences for choices made to allow for academic and behavioural success,

- that children need a safe and caring environment where clear expectations, consistency and challenging opportunities help to develop creative and lifelong learners,

- that Donwood School needs to provide a safe, caring environment in order for optimum learning to take place and for every student to grow to their full potential. Children are most successful when there are clear expectations, quality teaching and there is collaboration between home and school,

- that children of the future will continue to need:
- to be creative, critical thinkers
- to be flexible,
- to be problem solvers,
- to be co-operative problem solvers,

- to have the confidence to see themselves as successful lifelong learners, all of which are reached through a safe, caring and positive environment where best teaching practices are used.

Put into practice, these beliefs will foster academic and behavioural success in our students so that they may become independent lifelong learners.  In practice, our beliefs will allow for optimum learning, under the direction of quality teachers, in an environment where students feel they belong.

See attached charts, 

  1.  Illustrating planning for schoolwide universal supports for students of Donwood School.
  2. Additional planning for targeted and intensive groups of students.

Donwood School has an organized cross-level house system where all students in grades 1 to 6 are placed on a different house team. These house teams meet in the gym every second day 6, from 2:15 to 3:15 PM, in these mixed grade 1 to 6 groupings. There are many benefits to our mixed grade house system. The main objective is to foster the sense of community within Donwood School through these social learning, recognitions and buddy reading times. Students learn to work co-operatively with children from all grades and become more empathetic towards each other in other social environments. Schoolwide themes or virtues such as co-operation, empathy, friendship, kindness, respect, fairplay and safety,  are taught, modelled and practiced in these settings. To view the names of the 22 house teams, dates of our social learning gatherings and the themes we are focusing on this year click on the link below.

* House and social learning teams  for 2011-12.