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Donwood School
River East Transcona School Division

School Climate

At Donwood School, we want to maintain a school climate where teachers are committed to doing their best in educating your child, and your child, in turn, is committed to learning as much as they possibly can while at school. This is to be done in an environment that is safe, pleasant, happy, and challenging. Our motto is, "Be The Best That You Can Be."

Code of Conduct & Behavioural Expectations

The conduct of students in the building, the classroom, and on the playground is of vital importance to us. We encourage students to have respect for each other, for staff, and for all adults. The opportunity for learning and the safety of students depends upon the students’ willingness to behave in a courteous, caring, and respectful manner and take ownership for their behaviour. Our expectations are for all children to have the opportunity to learn in a safe, nurturing environment. When necessary, disciplinary action will be taken to meet those expectations. These will be developmental in a K–6 setting and consistent with the RETSD Code of Conduct.

  • Students may be removed from the classroom if their behaviour is so disruptive that it prevents the other students from learning. They may have a brief "time out" outside their classroom or be moved to a work space in the school office for an extended "time out" when warranted.
  • Call to the parents — If a behavioural concern persists, the teacher will contact home to enlist parental support to help the student be successful at school. A school administrator may get involved at this point, as well.   
  • Students must feel safe while attending school. Students who are involved in ongoing or severe physical confrontations with others may be suspended from school, keeping with the RETSD Code of Conduct and Safe Schools Policy. A meeting also may be required with an administrator, the student, and one or both parents before the student is able to return to class.

The school and home must work co-operatively to address and support behaviour problems. We believe all children respond to positive role modelling and efforts to bring about a behavioural change. We use varied strategies to help students reflect upon their behaviour and deal with their anger, including recess time out, Friendship Room, Second Step, playground leaders, and the Conflict Managers Program.