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Donwood School
River East Transcona School Division

Bus Transportation

In accordance with the policy of River East Transcona School Division, transportation is provided for those students enrolled in a divisional program who reside more than 1.6 km from the school that is offering the designated program. The transportation department will only drop off students at their designated stop. All students in the school receive emergency bus evacuation training twice a year. Appropriate behaviour is expected on the bus at all times. In the event of inappropriate behaviour, the following guidelines will be followed:

1) Bus driver reminds students of appropriate behaviours.
2) A behavioural report may be completed and sent to the transportation department, then forwarded to the school administration.
3) Upon receipt of this report, the school will take appropriate action with the student and parents are informed.
4) Repeated misbehaviour can lead to suspension of bus privileges. Parents will then be responsible for transportation to the school.

For more information on divisional bus transportation, cancellation procedures, the bus handbook, and transportation forms, follow this link that will take you to the River East Transcona School Division Transportation page.

Please note: The bus drive-through located on the north side of the school is not a pickup and drop-off point. This drive-through is for bus use only. Parents are asked to use Paufeld Drive for pickup and drop-off of students.

The parking lot is assigned parking only. There are a limited number of "visitor" parking spots at the north end of the parking lot. Please do not use the parking lot for picking up or dropping off students.