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Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School
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Lunch Program

On March 6, 2007, the River East Transcona School Division Board of Trustees moved to develop a new policy regarding user-pay lunch supervision programs. This policy recognizes that the care and supervision of a child during the midday break is a parental responsibility. However, non-profit, user-pay supervised lunch programs may be established and operated by parent groups, to assist parents in securing a supervised environment for their children during the lunch break

According to this policy, all students who stay for lunch at a school with a user-pay lunch supervision program, except those whom the division is obligated to transport, will be charged a fee. According to the Public Schools Act, the school division is obligated to transport students in rural areas (East St. Paul and St. Clements municipalities) who live more than 1.6 km away from their designated school, and students with special needs (see โ€œLunch supervision programs in our school: A guide for parentsโ€ for more information on this policy).

At the parent council meetings this fall, the group has been exploring the possibility of a user-pay lunch program at Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School. A parent information meeting was held to discuss creating a reliable, consistent and safe school lunch program for Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School. A lunch committee was formed. If you are interested in the information, please contact the school.

Lunch Program Updates

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