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Chief Peguis Middle School
River East Transcona School Division


The requirement for full attendance up to the age of 16 is established by the Public Schools Act of Manitoba.  Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually. 

Absences:  When a student is absent, a parent or guardian must contact the school to indicate that the student will be absent and to provide a reason for the absence.  A message may be left on the school’s answering machine by calling 668-9442 prior to 8:00 a.m. 

Chief Peguis has a callback system.  In the case of an absence which has not been excused by a call to the office, parents will be contacted either at home or at work.  In addition, students are not permitted to be absent from a class or outside the school during class time without permission from a teacher.

Lates:  Students who arrive late after homeroom must check into the office and receive an admittance slip to present to the teacher.

Leave of Absence:  Students requesting special consideration to leave school during regular hours (medical, dental, etc.) must provide a note from the parent and check out through the school office.  Parents are encouraged to make appointments on in-service or administration days whenever possible.

Attendance at School-Wide/Grade Level Events: Throughout the year, a number of grade level or school–wide events will be held. These events provide alternate ways of meeting curricular outcomes and are considered to be regular school days.   Please be aware that it is expected that all students be in attendance. Parent support is expected and appreciated. Students who are absent on these days will be provided with an assignment related to the event to ensure that curricular outcomes are met.  Additionally, there will be times when groups of students will be absent from school for optional programs, such as Band Trips or Ski Trips.  Please note that all other students are required to be at school.