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Chief Peguis Middle School
River East Transcona School Division

Staff Directory

​For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
S. AndersonCASUAL / Educational Intern  
T. AndersonCASUAL / Educational Intern59 
T. BalagusEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. BatinCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
R. BergenEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
N. BileskiTeacher4168Website
C. BobinskiTeacher4912Website
M. BochenTeacher4753Website
L. BohemierTeacher3205Website
N. BollenbachCASUAL / Educational Intern  
C. CampbellCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
D. CampbellCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
G. CampbellCLERK / CLERK CASUAL / Secretary  
M. ChmelnytzkiTeacher5564 
R. CoxTeacher4942Website
D. CyrEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker Website
L. DecockTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher5474 
A. DeFehrCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
K. DefoortTeacher4782Website
A. DeitzCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
D. DyckCustodian  
R. FaserukTeacher3218Website
L. FranksCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
L. GagnonCustodial Aide  
C. GraceCASUAL / Educational Intern  
K. Griffith-ParkerTeacher4211Website
C. GuptaTeacher4383Website
K. HartikainenTeacher4818Website
C. HatchTeacher3208Website
C. HeinrichsEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
E. HuttonCASUAL / Educational Intern  
J. KaiEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
A. KawalecTeacher4427Website
W. KlassenCustodial Aide  
M. KleinboehlTeacher5591 
M. KlimenkoCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
J. KnightTeacher5320Website
J. KostykEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
N. Koth-BullTeacher4563Website
E. KurtzTeacher4716Website
B. LabarreCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
J. LamontTeacher4724Website
L. LaukampCASUAL / German Lang Educ Support Worker  
J. LewickiTeacher4447Website
L. LockenLibrary Tech  
T. LoewenCASUAL / Educational Intern  
J. MalmquistTeacher4816Website
R. MaquimotCASUAL / Educational Intern  
H. MartensTeacher4262Website
T. MartensTeacher3210Website
N. MooneyTeacher4752Website
E. MurrayVICE-PRINCIPAL / Acting3209Website
K. NemethTeacher4185Website
F. NotarianniCASUAL / Educational Intern  
J. PatersonTeacher3214Website
M. PaulicCustodian  
S. PaulsenTeacher4288Website
S. PellaersCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
A. PerkinsTeacher4911 
K. ProcykTeacher5207Website
B. RobinsTeacher4813Website
C. RobinsonCASUAL / Educational Intern  
K. RougeauCLERK / Secretary3201 
J. SaundersEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
L. ScharfEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
A. ScottCASUAL / Educational Intern  
D. SeverCUSTODIAN / Head Custodian 2  
N. SovinskaTeacher5041Website
L. StachniakPRINCIPAL / Acting3204 
L. SteinhoffTeacher4496Website
M. ThomsonTeacher  
S. TrocheCustodial Aide  
V. TruderungCASUAL / Educational Intern  
S. UzatTeacher4599Website
J. VinesEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
L. WallaceTeacher4503Website
R. WardCASUAL / Educational Intern  
J. WestawayEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
K. WittmeierCASUAL / Educational Intern  
P. YasinskyCASUAL / Teacher Candidate