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Bernie Wolfe Community School
River East Transcona School Division
Student Services

Bernie Wolfe Community School offers support to students through the Student Services Support Team. The role of the resource teachers is to facilitate, support, and deliver effective educational programming for all learners through advocacy, management, and communication within the school and community. The resource teachers and paraprofessionals assist and support classroom teachers and others who work with students to develop and improve programming, to recognize student’s strengths, to accommodate appropriately for student’s needs and to promote growth in student learning.


BWCS has a counsellor that works as part of the Student Services Support Team and provides guidance and support to students and families from K-8.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery™ is an early, short-term intervention to help identified at-risk six-year-olds learn to read and write. Children in Reading Recovery™ are provided with structured lessons for 30 minutes each day for 12 to 20 weeks.

Learning Assistance Room (LAR)

The LAR is staffed by a full-time teacher and provides a space for students to complete assignments they are unable to finish during class time, catch up on school work after absences, suspensions or illness, and regain focus in a safe, quiet and less stimulating environment.