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Bernie Wolfe School
River East Transcona School Division
Physical Education Gr. K-5

Elementary Physical Education (K-5)

The Elementary Physical Education/Health program at Bernie Wolfe Community School is designed to provide students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles.  The physical education portion of the curriculum is taught by Ms. Kjernisted (a few sections are taught by Mr. Hunter) and the health portion is taught by the students’ classroom teachers.  The curriculum content is organized into five general learning outcomes for all grade levels.

 Furthermore, the five general learning outcomes identified are broken down into grade specific learning outcomes to help students learn about active healthy lifestyles.

                                     Kindergarten               Grade 1               Grade 2               Grade 3               Grade 4               Grade 5

 Physical Education

In order to provide students with a balanced program, students receive four periods (Kindergarten receive 2 periods) of instruction a school cycle with activities that are chosen from five broad physical activity categories The activities that are chosen will give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and practice skills related to movement, fitness, safety and fair play.

Students are expected to come prepared for gym class. This means wearing appropriate footwear for participation in physical activity.  Appropriate footwear is considered running shoes (no crocs, skater shoes, slip-ons, high heels, etc.).  Students in Grade 3 and above are expected to change into a pair of shorts/sweats and a t-shirt and students in Grade 2 (and the Grade 1’s from the combined class) are expected to change into a t-shirt.  These clothes must be different from the ones students wear to school and spend all day wearing in class.


Extra Curricular Clubs/Events

Extra curricular clubs (cross country running, flag football, volleyball, gymnastics, handball & basketball) provide an enrichment opportunity for all students to develop game skills in a competitive but non-threatening environment. They are offered to students in the upper elementary (3-5) and require a high level of commitment and dedication.  It is the expectation that students who choose to participate in these programs make a strong effort to come out to all practices, which take place at noon hour (11:55-12:35) and/or after school (3:30-4:45).  Students who show commitment in extra curricular clubs will have additional opportunities to participate in divisional events.


Special Days

Special days are major school events held periodically throughout the year and enable large numbers of students to participate. These days include events such as Halloween Gym (K-4), Primary Folkdance Festival (1-3), Field Day (K-2), Track & Field (3-5), etc.