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Bertrun E. Glavin School
River East Transcona School Division

Student Services 

Students who require support and programming for exceptional academic, physical and social/emotional needs have access to a continuum of support and services. School based supports include two full-time resource teachers and a half-time counsellor.

Resource Program

Resource teachers provide instructional support and case management for students who require programming for exceptional learning and/or behaviour needs. The resource teachers, in collaboration with the classroom teacher, may provide assistance with assessment, referrals, and programming. They help classroom teachers to develop and manage individual education plans and behaviour intervention plans. In addition, the resource teachers are involved with documentation of student progress from year to year, transition planning, funding applications, and intake of new students to the school. Resource teachers also collaborate with parents, division and outside services to strengthen our capacity to provide supports, services and programming to meet the exceptional learning needs of our students.

 Counselling Program

 The primary role of the school counsellor is to enhance and promote student learning. The school counsellor provides a continuum of preventative, developmental, and intervention services to all students within the school. Counsellors may provide individual, group and class work both as a prevention or intervention service. The counsellor also supports students’ academic progress through a variety of activities which may include individual assessments, goal setting, assisting with the development of individual education plans, behaviour education plans and transition plans. The School counsellor is a member of the student services team. The counsellor assists in information gathering, referrals, and liaisons between the home, school, and the community. The school counsellor plays a major role in helping to create a safe, caring, and effective school environment.

Reading Recovery

Our Reading Recovery program provides literacy support to eligible grade one and two students. Reading Recovery is an early intervention designed to support literacy development in our youngest students. It provides intensive, individual help for students who have not responded to the classroom program in reading and writing after one year of school. Following a screening process, a team comprised of the grade one teachers, the Reading Recovery teacher and a resource teacher meet to recommend students for participation in the program. Students receive Reading Recovery support until they meet the program goals. Students who do not complete the program in Grade 1 may continue to receive support in Grade 2.

Early Numeracy Intervention

The goal of the Early Numeracy Intervention Initiative is to increase kindergarten and Grade 1 students’ mathematical understanding. During September all kindergarten and Grade 1 students are assessed using the River East Transcona School Division’s Early Numeracy Assessment Tool.  From September through January, an early numeracy facilitator works with small groups of kindergarten students. From February through June, the facilitator works with kindergarten and Grade 1 students who require extra support. All students are assessed again in June to determine progress and next steps for programming.