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Bertrun E. Glavin School
River East Transcona School Division
Staff Directory

​For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
L. AnningLibrary Tech  
T. Barley MackelsonTeacher Website
L. BoykoTeacher5291Website
J. BrettTeacher4974Website
A. BuchananTeacher5071Website
C. BudzTeacher4380Website
D. BuscetiPrincipal2354Website
J. CamuyongTeacher5293Website
L. ClarkTeacher2355Website
J. CranstonEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. DickersonEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
N. FischerTeacher4642Website
J. GodleinTeacher5257 
L. GomezEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
C. GordingTeacher4870Website
B. GustafsonTeacher5308Website
L. HildebrandEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. KlassenTeacher4577 
D. KowalchukTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher4335Website
H. KulykCLERK / CLERK CASUAL / Secretary2361 
C. LamoureuxTeacher4943Website
M. LutzerEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
L. MarshallTeacher5599 
A. NgoCustodial Aide  
J. PennerTeacher4529Website
S. PurdyCLERK / CLC Head Secretary2356 
Z. ReichardtTeacher5221Website
G. RelphTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher4786Website
L. RomanychynTeacher5091Website
S. SandhuEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
H. SawchukTeacher3233Website
A. StaskaEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
V. SulymkaTeacher4279Website
K. TischerCUSTODIAN / Head Custodian 1  
L. TitchkoskyTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher4409Website
K. UtsunomiyaTeacher Website
R. ViewegCustodian