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Our Commitment to Truth & Reconciliation

September 23, 2021


RETSD is committed to the success of all students. The division is keenly aware of the challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples because of colonialism, the legacy of residential schools, and systemic barriers.

As a division, we have a robust Indigenous education plan that addresses both the academic and cultural domains as well as the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical realms. The division knows that all of these areas must be addressed to enhance Indigenous student success and connections between the community and school. This plan supports our overarching commitment to nation-to-nation relationship building as well as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action.

Some of the strategies we support include:

- Training teams from all 42 schools to incorporate treaty training from the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba

- Supporting the establishment of Indigenous learning spaces in all senior years schools

- Ongoing collaboration with numerous Elders and Knowledge Keepers

- Diversifying teaching and learning resources to ensure all students see themselves in the curriculum

- Staff professional development on ensuring a culturally safe learning community

- The establishment of a divisional Elder and Knowledge Keeper Advisory Council

- Treaty and reconciliation residencies

- Continued implementation of a Senior Years Student Voice and Advocacy Group

- Student-led smudge groups, drumming circles, and land-based education opportunities

- Implementing the Walk With Us (impacts of colonization learning experience) for staff and students in - middle and senior years

Our division is committed to an open and democratic society. One of the tenets of a democracy is valuing and ensuring there is a space for varied perspectives and opinions on a host of matters. As part of our collective commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and nation-to-nation building, we must make space for these perspectives and opinions in our schools.

Since our organization's focus is on education, we need to be certain we are providing education to all students, in an appropriate and an inclusive manner, as to the historical accuracies of this land that we now call Canada.

As a division, we are resolute in our commitment to supporting Indigenous learners their families, and the community. The IAA team is available to support students and staff in implementing culturally appropriate strategies related to the broader work of Indigenous education.

We are dedicated to fostering a safe, welcoming learning environment for all that is built on the spirit and intent of the Treaties which is based on recognition, mutual respect, and shared responsibility for relationships today and into the future.