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Free Kinder Links Programs!

April 04, 2019

Kinder Links (Twitter).jpg
Register now for a FREE Kinder Links program this spring! There is still space available in the following parent-child programs: 

Guess Who Helps You (Westview, pg. 9)
All Aboard the Friend Ship (pg. 10)

Baby Bumblebees (Polson, pg. 5)
Once Upon a Rhyme (Joseph Teres, pg. 6)
Purple Stew (Radisson, pg. 10)

Gift of Words (SMP, pg. 5)
Once Upon a Rhyme (Emerson, pg. 6)
Growing Up Green (John de Graff, pg. 7)
Purple Stew (Lord Wolseley, pg. 10)

Growing Up Green (John de Graff, pg. 7)
Animal Crackers (Emerson, pg. 10)
Whale Tales (Polson, pg. 10)

I'm a Little Yogi (pg. 5)
Night Owls (SMP, pg. 6)
Jack Be Nimble (Lord Wolseley, pg. 8)
Jack Be Nimble (Joseph Teres, Thurs., pg. 8)

Click HERE to see longer descriptions in the Kinder Links newsletter.  Register by phone at 204.669.4043 or by email at