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Angus McKay School
River East Transcona School Division
School Expectations


We have a "call back" system in place to help ensure the safety of our children. We ask that parents/guardians notify the school each time a child is going to be absent or late.

Call-back procedure:

Please call the school (661-2378) or leave a message on our answering machine. When leaving a message on the answering machine include: name of child, name of person calling, name of classroom teacher, reason for absence, date, time and length of absence.

Because of the direct relationship between attendance and academic achievement, all students are encouraged to attend school regularly. Students should bring notes to their teachers for absences from school. Every absence must be justified and if we do not hear from you, we will contact you at home or at the office to inquire as to why your child is absent from school.

Cell Phones/Electronic Communication Devices

According to division policy, student use of cell phones and other electronic communication devices are not permitted in the school or on school property for students in K to Grade 6 unless directed by the teacher/school. (Student Use of Cell Phones and Electronic Communication Devices Policy JICJ)

Dress Code

Students are asked to wear clothing that is appropriate for learning and does not interfere with the educational process. Hats and jackets are considered outside attire and are not to be worn in the school. Common sense standards of decency prevail. At Angus McKay, this means that the following items are not appropriate: skimpy clothing, beachwear, bare mid-riffs, or any items depicting offensive language, graphics or messages. All children are asked to have an inside pair of runners with non-marking soles which can be left at school for inside and physical education activities. Wheeled shoes are not permitted as they could pose a safety risk to students. Jackets are to be hung up on the coat hooks provided. Mitts, scarves and hats should be tucked into the jacket sleeve to prevent them from getting lost. Students must wear shorts, runners and a t-shirt for all gym activities. Please label all articles of clothing to assist in returning them should they be misplaced.

Clothing appropriate for elementary school is expected on regular school days. Clothing that depicts inappropriate messages is not acceptable. Short shorts, halter tops and other revealing clothing should not be worn in school. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather keeping in mind that outdoor recess is an important activity at this level. Upon entering the school, headgear (hats, hoodies, bandannas) must  be removed.

School Rules

Our code of conduct:

The Angus McKay School community believes that it is important to have open communication in a safe and caring environment. To this end we follow River East Transcona School Division’s code of conduct, which is distributed to each new family in September. This code of conduct applies to all members of the Angus McKay community. We use this code to teach and encourage positive behaviour.

At the beginning of each year, we teach the students about our three school rules:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Take care of others
  • Take care of this place


RETSD Code of Conduct