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Angus McKay School
River East Transcona School Division
Patrols and Parking


In the interest of safety for all of our students, we ask that cars do not enter the school parking lot. "NO STOPPING" signs are put out in front of the school to ensure safe crossing with patrols. We ask that as much as possible, you β€œdrop and go” on the south side of Woodvale by the Grade 1, 2 door to ensure that children can exit from the car safely. Please do not do not block the crosswalks as patrols need to cross students safely too.


Our school safety patrols consist of Grade 5 student volunteers. We have three teams of patrols. Team A, B and C.  There is a patrol captain and co-captain for each team. Patrols are on duty at four posts for 15 minutes before school commences and 10 minutes after dismissal. 


Leighton, Leighton Lane, Roberta, Greene,  and school front entrance. To ensure safety, students must obey our patrols at crossings and must cross only at intersections where patrols are stationed.

If students cannot fulfill their patrol duties, parents are asked to call the school before 8:30 a.m.

Parents of patrols are asked to check the temperature with wind chill and send their patrols out according to the schedule. All parents are asked to make any arrangements necessary for their children to get to school safely during extreme weather conditions.

Cold Weather Guidelines for Patrols

Please note the new division policy for patrolling during extremely cold weather.

-27 to -34 (including wind chill) : 10 minutes on post.
Warm clothing is essential. Facial protection is recommended.

-34 to -42 : 5 minutes on post
Posts located more than a five-minute walk from the school will not be patrolled. Warm clothing and facial protection is essential.

Below -42 : No student patrols on post.

Patrol Handbook