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Angus McKay School
River East Transcona School Division

School Profile

Angus McKay is a single-track school. The student population is 106. We have six classrooms, one for each grade, Kindergarten to Grade Five. Our teaching staff also includes four specialist teachers.  We have two half time Resource Teachers working collaboratively with our staff in planning for student success, which includes supporting students on Adapted and Individual Education Plans.  Our resource teachers also assist with the coordination of divisional supports and our Student Service Clinical Unit.  Our  Teacher-Librarian works with classroom teachers to plan units of study to target specific learning outcomes. Each class participates in at least one resource based learning activity during the school year. She is also setting up a Maker Space where students can explore and create design projects based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) concepts. Our  Physical Education teacher provides our students with a balanced program aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Our  Music Teacher provides students with the opportunity not only to appreciate music but also to represent their learning through drama and movement as well as vocal and instrumental instruction. Our Music Teacher also works with classroom teachers in providing enrichment through the arts.  We believe in an active student voice and are proud of the many leadership opportunities we are establishing for our students. Angus McKay also houses a Nursery School that runs independently but uses our facility. It has two half-day classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three and four year-olds. 

Caring, Connection and Community

Caring, connection and community are words to describe the vision for us at Angus McKay. An atmosphere of caring is important and serves a function; it creates social bonds that allow for commitment of purpose. Having connection to school improvement decisions allows staff, students and community to identify with the improvements. Developing community suggests an organization where staff and community work together to positively affect student achievement.

With the help of the Community School Association (parent advisory council), Angus McKay has a history of providing quality education in a manner that has strong connections to its community. The staff at Angus McKay School feels valued as educators by the tremendous level of support it receives from parents, the River East Transcona School Division and Manitoba Education. Because of this support, the students at Angus McKay School are the benefactors.