Adult Education Program
Adult Education Program


Biology 30S

The goal of Biology 30S is to provide students with a survey of the major systems in the human body. As such, this course is excellent preparation for medical careers. Specifically, it reviews basic chemistry and physics and then studies the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, nervous and immune systems. Along with basic structure and function, there is often lively discussion about medical issues concerning each system.  Prerequisite for Biology 40S.

Biology 40S

The goal of this course is to prepare students for entry into science-based professions and post-secondary programs. Specifically, Biology 40S studies cell biology, human genetics, ecology and biodiversity. Along with ensuring a conceptual understanding of the subject areas, there is often lively discussion about human issues concerning each topic.  Prerequisite: Biology 30S or demonstrations of knowledge of Biology 30S.

Chemistry 30S

Chemistry 30S is a course about matter—what makes up everything around us and within. The topics of study in this course include physical properties of matter, gases and the atmosphere, chemical reactions, solutions and organic chemistry. Activities are hands-on with various models, laboratory activities, analogies and group work, along with online activities, including animations and lab simulations to enhance understanding of the submicroscopic world.  Prerequisite for Chemistry 40S.

Chemistry 40S

This course is about matter—what makes up everything around us and within, using the knowledge and concepts from Chemistry 30S as a foundation for the learning outcomes required at the 40S level. Topics of study include a brief review of crucial concepts in chemistry, structure of atoms and how this influences behavior of matter, aqueous reactions (reactions occurring in water solutions), kinetics (rates of various reactions and how they are measured and influenced), equilibrium (reactions that can go in reverse), acids and bases, and oxidation and reduction reactions including electrochemistry (e.g., batteries) and corrosion. Prerequisite:  Chemistry 30S or demonstration of knowledge of Chemistry 30S.

Physics 30S

Physics 30S is a challenging, thought-provoking course that provides students with many opportunities for problem-solving. Students who have a good Math background and enjoy a challenge will like Physics. This course begins with Mechanics involving motion, forces and vectors and Force Fields dealing with gravity, electric and magnetic fields.   The last part of the course involves the study of Waves in Nature and their properties.  Sound and Light waves are described and studied.  Evaluation includes Hand-in Assignments, Chapter Tests, and a Final Exam.  Prerequisite for Physics 40S.

Physics 40S

Physics 40S continues what was started in Physics 30S. This course starts off with the continuation of the study of Mechanics involving Dynamics, momentum, projectiles, circular motion and work, energy and power.  Next is the study of Force Fields and energy in gravitational, electric and magnetic fields.  The study of electricity continues with circuits and electromagnetic induction.  The course completes with Medical Physics using radiation and radioactivity for treatment techniques.  Evaluation involves Hand-in Assignments, Topic Tests, and a Final Exam.  Prerequisite: Physics 30S or demonstration of knowledge of Physics 30S.