Adult Education Program
Adult Education Program

Alternative Ways to Gain Credits

Adult Learners can obtain additional credits towards graduation through the following options:


Community Service 41G

Volunteer with a Community Service organization (or organizations) to obtain one of the Grade 12 optional credits required for graduation. Learners volunteer for 110 hours with a "not-for-profit" group; providing necessary help for the community and have the opportunity to develop valuable skills at the same time.

A Community Service credit may help you to identify future career options.


High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP)

Information pending.


Recognizing Prior Learning

Learners may obtain credit for high school level knowledge and skills gain outside our classrooms through the Recognizing Prior Learning process.  Prior learning must be equivalent to the outcomes expected in high school courses.  Learning may be acquired through volunteer work, self-study, hobbies, work experience, on-the-job training, travel, or through family and life experiences.

In Recognizing Prior Learning, individuals prove learning in a variety of ways.  For example:  projects, assignments, portfolios of evidence, exam challenges, interviews, education and training documents and demonstrations.


Special Language Credits

If you speak and write in a language other than English or French, you may be able to obtain two high school credits towards your Manitoba Mature Student High School Diploma.  There is a $65 fee to take the exams which are offered in the Fall and Spring.  A few examples of Special Language Credit options are:  Korean, Punjabi, Ukrainian, Croatian, Danish, Filipino, Mandarin, German and Spanish.