Adult Education Program
Adult Education Program

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Chart a new future for your life with RETSD Adult Education Program!

Looking to prepare for a new career opportunities? Need to complete a high school diploma? Prepare for college or university with prerequisite course? If you are 19 years of age or older, get started with our high school program.

You may have graduated but are missing specific courses to enter College, University or other Training Programs, enroll with us now and complete the require prerequisites.

We work hard to ensure the programs and services we offer serve the needs of all our students.

We engage our staff and students by employing:

  • Best practices in the classroom
  • Fair and balanced assessment strategies
  • Leading-edge technology in the classroom
  • Divisional and provincial testing to provide benchmarks for teaching and learning

Supported by a strong team of curriculum consultants, we operate on the basis of an annual school plan and the expectations of Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning.

The general areas of compulsory study within the curriculum include the following subject areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Calculus and Applied Math as well as Psychology, Applied Business Technology and other courses are offered.. To better understand what the curriculum entails in each subject area, view the information provided by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning.