Adult Education Program
Adult Education Program

Adult Learning Centre Practices

Following is a list of practices, policies and expectations that are listed below for McLeod Adult Learning Centre.

General Information

Lockdown and emergencies
Marks transcripts

Student Expectations

Academic Honesty                Attendance and Participation
Addressing concerns 
Course withdrawals                  Food/drink, socializing and guests
No smoking policy
Student's role


Cellphone           Computer use Electronic Devices
USB drives

Teaching & Learning

Academic Diploma Goals Counselling and referrals    McLeod study room
Teacher's role


Graduation at our Adult Learning Centre

  • Gown, Cap, Diplomas, family and friends it is the full regalia. The winter semester at the centre is an exciting time. This is when those students who are in line to graduate are informed of graduation procedures and the details of our ceremony, held in late June. We will be in touch with your teachers about you, and with you directly, during this time. If you are able to attend the ceremony, your gown will be ordered for you based on details you give us at that time. If somehow you haven’t heard about graduation by late April and you feel you should be graduating this year, please contact the office as soon as possible. If you are a graduate your diploma and two transcripts will be printed for graduation in June. You may graduate at the RETSD Adult Education Program ceremony whether you receive a mature student diploma or a regular high school diploma.

Lockdown and other emergency procedures

  • As we are based in a school division building, we are required to have lockdown and  emergency procedures regarding intruders, fire and other potentially dangerous situations. Your teachers will share specific information with you about what to do in the event of such emergencies and notices are posted in each classroom.

Transcripts of your marks

  • Your transcript will be available for pickup from the office following the end of each semester. When you have completed your diploma requirements, your final transcript will have a statement on it to that effect that you can use with an employer or post-secondary institution. If you are a graduate, your diploma and two transcripts will be printed for graduation in June.  To qualify for admission to a post-secondary program before you graduate, you may need a statement from us to say that you are enrolled in the appropriate courses and progressing satisfactorily. We are happy to provide this to you, free of charge. You will be required to complete a consent form and a letter of Registration, which will provide the necessary information required to have the letter completed.  These forms are available via email or at the office of the Adult Learning Centre.


  • The parking lot located at the rear of McLeod Education Centre is for staff that pay for parking, one accessibility spot, and two RETlife program guest spots (marked Continuing Education). 



Academic Honesty

  • Students will understand that the tests/exams they complete and the assignments they submit as evidence of learning must be wholly their own work.
  • Academic honesty means that students will conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner in all aspects of their academic career .
  • Engaging in a form of academic dishonesty to obtain any type of academic advantage or credit is an offence.
  • Plagiarizing is defined as the presentation of someone's ideas or writing as one's own. Falsification, impersonation, misrepresentation, and procurement will not be tolerated. Penalties may be applied to student who are found to have been academically dishonest.

Attendance and Participation

  • When the student has to be absent from class, he/she must inform the instructor prior to the scheduled time for that class. This can be done by as per his/her instructions.
  • The student is expected to arrive on time and remain for the full length of each class.
  • Poor attendance affects your classmates in that they may find it frustrating if it requires the teacher to spend valuable class time “catching you up”. Please let your teacher know you will be away, if you know in advance, and find a classmate who will lend you notes or otherwise help you catch up. If you miss a couple of sessions, expect a call from your teacher to see how you are. If the problem is one you are having difficulty solving, we will want to discuss options with you.
  • Participation in classroom discussions and activities as determined by the instructor is a required component of each course.

Addressing concerns

  • If you have concerns about anything that is happening at McLeod, you are encouraged to try to discuss your concern with those directly involved (e.g., if you are worried about the way you have been awarded marks for assignments, speak directly with the teacher in question). 
  • If you feel your concerns are not adequately addressed, please schedule a meeting with the director.
  • Should you still not be satisfied, the next step is to take your concern to the superintendents department of the school division.

 Course withdrawals

  • Please speak with your teacher or our academic advisor about how we might help you stay in the program. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any help.  Our staff are here to work with you to support you and your learning.

Food/drink, socializing and guests

  • At McLeod there is a lunchroom containing a fridge, microwave and stove for use by staff and students.
  • Please feel welcome, but we ask that you clean up after yourself by washing plates, cups, etc.
  • Exercise consideration with food and drink in the classrooms and please do not bring food or drinks into the computer lab or the study/tutorial room—spills on keyboards are costly to repair! 
  • Ask guests to come to the office or meet you at the front door.

No smoking policy

  • River East Transcona School Division has a no-smoking policy within its buildings and on surrounding property. Please do not smoke on the street in front of the building or outside the homes close by, as our neighbours call to complain!

School supplies 

  • Depending on your course selections, you will be expected to supply the following:  geometry set, calculator, highlighters, graph paper, binders, pens and pencils.
  • Workbooks, if required are at a cost to the student.

Student's role

  • The institution’s part is to provide you with an appropriate program of studies designed to result in a transcript of grades and a diploma that entitles you to some important privileges in our society, such as the right to apply for certain jobs that were probably unavailable to you before.
  • In return, students also have responsibilities, and the institution and your fellow students have some expectations regarding you and your behaviour.
  • Some of the more obvious expectations have been outlined above, but we hope you will also be generous of your time to others who may need it. This helps improve everyone’s experience at our centre, including yours!


  • Please do not use cellphones in class.
  • Your instructor will ensure that you are following cell phone etiquette as per their instruction.

Computer use

  • The McLeod study/tutorial room has computers for student use, or you may access the computer lab when classes are not scheduled there.  


  • Please ask your teachers if you need to photocopy materials for classes.

Use of USB drives

  • Many students now store information on USB drives and it is important that great care is taken to remove such storage devices at the end of each class. 
  • If you find a USB drive that does not appear to belong to anyone in your classroom, please bring it to the office immediately.


Academic diploma goals

  • At your registration interview, you and the advisor filled in a form that illustrated how you will proceed towards your Academic Diploma goals. The form shows which credits you have already achieved and which you plan to take to meet your goal of getting your diploma and preparing for future career plans.
  • As you receive your marks in the courses you take, we fill them in to the copy of your plan, and we monitor your progress toward graduation.
  • Please let us know if your goal changes in case you may need different courses in your program. For example, if you decide to enter a different post secondary program – something that often happens as students discover their latent talents – you may need specific pre-requisites that can be substituted for the ones you selected initially.

Counselling and referrals

  • Please feel free to contact first your instructor, and then Academic Advisor about any issue that affects your learning. We can help you resolve a problem, or if needed, assist you to contact an appropriate outside agency.

 McLeod study room

  • Beside the main office is a room that is designed for students to study independently, in small groups and/or or to work on a computer.

Teacher's role

  • Our teachers are adult educators, and therefore see their role as teachers differently than that of teachers of children.
  • Our teachers recognize that our students are their peers, with lots of life experience and similar family and societal responsibilities as they have.
  • They will expect you to address them by their first name, as they will address you by your first name.
  • They see themselves as boosters of your success, and want to help in any way they can.
  • The path won’t necessarily be easy – you need and ultimately want to develop real skills, but you will get help for the hurdles from your teachers.
  • You will find your teachers to be approachable and friendly. They are doing this job because they love teaching and helping others learn.
  • You will get your chance to evaluate their performance – each semester we circulate a confidential evaluation form for each class, and your comments go directly to the Director, who follows up on any concerns with the teacher involved. It is because of all the feedback that we receive from students, that we can say with confidence what we did above about our teachers.
  • According to our students, the number one asset of our Adult Learning Centre is the teachers.