Adult Education Program
Adult Education Program

Message from the director of adult & continuing education

The adventure begins!

You have decided to return to school to get your high school diploma or upgrade to be ready to achieve your life and career plans. Congratulations. You have joined an ever-growing group of Manitobans who want the best for themselves and their families. Last year, over 6,000 adults in Manitoba attended the more than 40 adult learning centres in the province. In this area alone, we had 95 graduates and hundreds more completed courses for credit beyond graduation.

We hope you will see your teachers and each centre’s staff as partners in your learning success. Have a great semester.

Our centres

McLeod and Transcona adult learning centres are adult-focused high schools. We help Manitobans age 19 and older to achieve their high school diplomas or upgrade their credits so they can move on to further education or better career prospects.

There is a wealth of life-learning in every classroom, and be assured that your own life experience will be recognized, respected and even called upon as a resource to share with others. Our students tell us they value the way they are “treated as adults” at McLeod and Transcona. 

Currently, there are three types of learners:

  • Those completing a mature student diploma—an eight-credit high school diploma especially designed for adults over age 19.
  • Those completing a regular, 30-credit high school diploma, who are age 19 or older and not also attending regular high school.
  • High school graduates who are taking extra courses needed for university, college, apprenticeship programs or job advancement.

Some adult learning centre students don’t actually attend our buildings for their courses. Some courses are offered evenings in River East Transcona high schools and some are offered on-site at companies in Winnipeg. However, all students are entitled to all services.

The River East Transcona School Division Adult Education Program is committed to offering class-based instruction responsive to the unique needs of adult learners, sensitive to cross-cultural issues and barriers to learning, and relevant to the skill requirements for success in the workplace and post-secondary institutions.