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Bird's Hill at Orange Level

October 20, 2020

facebook_icon.jpg​Dear Parents/Guardians,

Bird's Hill School has been placed on the orange level of the provincial pandemic response system (PRS). As of October 20, Manitoba Public Health has identified five positive COVID-19 cases in two classrooms in the Grade 2/3 levels. Students in these affected classrooms already are learning remotely. We wish a speedy recovery to the affected individuals. We also are committed to ensuring a safe place for the students and staff at Bird's Hill School. Please be assured that the school staff and division have implemented additional safety measures to protect our students and staff. These include:

- Deep cleaning has been done to the affected classrooms, commonly touched surfaces and high-traffic areas. We have utilized an electrostatic fogger to help us disinfect surface areas quickly and efficiently. Public Health confirms our building is safe and that students are encouraged to continue their learning with in-class instruction.

- We are moving furniture to ensure the two-metre distancing requirement under the orange level is in effect.

- Staff ensure students follow protocols for handwashing, mask wearing (when required) and social distancing – and staff follow these as well.

- Busing is being revised to meet the orange designation for Bird's Hill School students. 

We are working hard to keep students in school; however, we understand some families may want a remote learning option for their children. Please see the letter about this option sent home today.

The division will continue to work with public health officials to ensure all necessary health measures are in place and once the outbreak is declared over, we will provide information about the return to classes for all students.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

To learn more about the PRS orange level, visit


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Kelly Barkman