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Outdoor Education

The outdoor education program is designed to provide a balance between environmental studies, personal safety, and lifetime recreational activities. Outdoor education lends itself perfectly to the integration of other subject areas such as physical education, health, science, social studies and mathematics.

The interdisciplinary nature of outdoor education provides students with unique learning opportunities to put their knowledge into practice in a variety of classroom and outdoor situations. Students will work individually, in cooperative groups, and as a class through games, simulation, research, activities and field studies. Students have the opportunities to learn new skills in safe settings which can build self-confidence. Outdoor education promotes a healthy lifestyle and personal and community well-being.

Outdoor education is offered to students for one term in Grade 8. There will be a total of 16 classes per term, one morning per cycle (industrial arts morning). The participating students (12-14 per term) will take the outdoor education course at ÉRP for one term, instead of an industrial arts/home ec. option.

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