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Adult Learning on Lombard is a full-time day program (with continuous intake) for adults who are either on EIA [Employment Income Assistance] or at risk of being on EIA to upgrade their education. We focus on English literacy, math, and computer use. Each student will have an individualized learning plan, and students can work at their own pace. Each student will also have their own Wellness Skills Supports Facilitator, who will help students set goals, work on personal barriers, or assist in any area of well-being. 


Adult Learning on Lombard offers a variety of opportunities to enhance the student experience. Opportunities include participating in fieldtrips, cooking class, arts & crafts, and wellness-based activities. During the summer, Adult Learning on Lombard provides students a full-time summer program, focusing on financial literacy, resume writing, music classes, and wellness topics. Students have earned certificates during summer programming through our partnerships with other community-based programs.

For further information or to discuss registering in the program, please contact:

Jennifer Layte
Adult Learning on Lombard Coordinator
(204) 515-1976

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