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River East Transcona School Division
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Safe Work Procedures

 Perform work safely and correctly

Department or sector level instructions for safe work and operational excellence. A requirement of any safety management system.


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WSHMS-01-SOP-001-06-197Snow Blowing Operations – Combustion Engine Snowblower Equipment.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-001SWP-001 Compressor - Portable Air Compressor.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-002SWP-002 Autobody Repair and Finishing - Epoxy Putty Filler Application and Sanding.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-003SWP-003 Autobody Repair and Finishing - Putty Filler Application and Sanding.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-004SWP-004 Jig - Automobile Frame Lifting Jig.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-005SWP-005 Hoist - Vehicle Lift.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-006SWP-006 Jack - Hydraulic Portable Floor Jack.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-007SWP-007 Hoist - Automotive Portable Mobile Floor Crane.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-008SWP-008 Tire Inflation.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-009SWP-009 Hoist - Automotive Vehicle Drive On Hoist.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-010SWP-010 Aligner - Wheel Alignment.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-011SWP-011 Balancer - Automotive Wheel Balancer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-012SWP-012 Ball Joint Installation.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-013SWP-013 Saw - Horizontal Band Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-014SWP-014 Saw - Vertical Band Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-015SWP-015 Charger - Battery Portable Automotive Charger.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-016SWP-016 Dryer Portable Hand Held Hair Blow Dry Styling.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-017SWP-017 Brazing Metal.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-018SWP-018 Frame Straightener - Bench Rack Vehicle Frame Straightener.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-019SWP-019 Chemical Hair Relaxer HS2 Application.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-020SWP-020 Saw - Portable Circular Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-021SWP-021 Compressor - Coil Automotive Spring Strut Compressor.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-022SWP-022 Cutter -  Paper Cutter Manual Guillotine.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-023SWP-023 Oven - Convection Combi Oven.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-024SWP-024 Oven - Convection Oven.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-025SWP-025 Toaster - Conveyor Toaster.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-026SWP-026 Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-027SWP-027 Sheeter - Dough.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-028SWP-028 Drill - Portable Hand Held Drill Driver.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-029SWP-029 Drill - Stationary Drill Press.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-030SWP-030 Dust Collector - Down Draft Dust Collector Table.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-031SWP-031 Kettle - Electric Tilting Steam Kettle.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-032SWP-032 Energizing of Electrical Projects.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-033SWP-033 Energizing of Structure Cubicles.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-034SWP-034 Hoist - Engine Portable Automotive Engine Hoist Crane.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-035SWP-035 Facials - Hairstyling Cosmetology.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-036SWP-036 Lift - Fixed Ceiling Track Patient Lift.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-037SWP-037 Flammable Liquids Transfer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-038SWP-038 Hoist - Folding Mobile Floor Crane Hoist.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-039SWP-039 Food Proofing and Holding Cabinet Steam Table.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-040SWP-040 Refridgerant Auto Purge.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-041SWP-041 Fuel Pump Pressure Testing.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-042SWP-042 Wok - Natural Gas Wok.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-043SWP-043 Grinder - Buffer - Polisher Portable Hand Held.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-044SWP-044 Grinder - Buffer - Polisher Stationary Bench Pedestal.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-045SWP-045 Grinder - Cutoff Rotary Die Cut Off Grinder.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-046SWP-046 Haircolouring Permanent Dark Haircolouring Application for Virgin Hair - Hairstyling.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-047SWP-047 Haircutting with a Razor - Hairstyling.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-048SWP-048 Haircutting with Clippers and or Trimmers - Hairstyling.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-049SWP-049 Haircutting with Shears - Hairstyling.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-050SWP-050 Blender Mixer - Hand Held Portable Food Blender Mixer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-051SWP-051 Bender - Manual Hand Held Pipe Conduit Bender.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-052SWP-052 Cutter - Hand Held Pipe Conduit Cutter.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-053SWP-053 Saw - Hand Manual.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-054SWP-054 Handling and Pouring Chemicals.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-055SWP-055 Gun - Heat Gun.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-056SWP-056 Mortiser - Hollow Chisel Mortiiser.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-057SWP-057 Washer - Hot Water Parts Washer.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-058SWP-058 Hot Waxing Eyebrows.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-059SWP-059 Hoyer Lift Sling - Access Patient Student Lift.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-060SWP-060 Hoyer Lift Sling - Full Back Patient Student Lift.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-061SWP-061 Hoyer Lift Sling - Quick Fit Delux Patient Student Lift.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-062SWP-062 Hoyer Lift Sling - Quick Fit Padded Patient Student Lift.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-063SWP-063 Press - Hydraulic H Press.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-064SWP-064 Hydroxide Relaxer Retouch - Hairstyling.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-065SWP-065 Gun - Wrench Ratchet Impact Gun.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-066SWP-066 Chisel - Impact Hammer Air Chisel.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-067SWP-067 Iron – Portable Hand Held Textile Ironing.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-068SWP-068 Metal Ironworker - Model 5075 Iron Worker.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-069SWP-069 Ironworker- Iron Worker.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-070SWP-070 Jacking and Blocking a Vehicle.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-071SWP-071 Saw - Jig Saber Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-072SWP-072 Joiner - Hand Held Plate Biscuit Woodworking.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-073SWP-073 Jointer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-074SWP-074 Knife Handling Food Cutting Preparation.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-075SWP-075 Lathe - Wood Turning Lathe.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-076SWP-076 Lift and Transfer - Wheel Chair to Toilet.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-077SWP-077 Lightening Virgin Hair - Hairstyling.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-078SWP-078 Manicuring.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-079SWP-079 Manual Material Handling.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-080SWP-080 Slicer - Meat Slicer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-081SWP-081 Metal Folder - Metal Bar Folder Machine.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-082SWP-082 Metal Roller - Metal Bead Roller.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-083SWP-083 Glue Gun.pdf
WSHMS-02C-SWP-084SWP-084 Metal Brake - Manual.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-085SWP-085 Automotive Brake Lathe.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-086SWP-086 Metal Chop Saw.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-087SWP-087 Metal Folding Machine - Pittsburgh Lock.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-088SWP-088 Metal Knock Out Cutter.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-089SWP-089 Metal Notcher.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-090SWP-090 Metal Shear - Throatless.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-091SWP-091 Metal Shear.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-092SWP-092 Metal Slip Roller.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-093SWP-093 Metal Slitter Shear.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-094SWP-094 Metal Squaring Shear.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-095SWP-095 Metal Turning Lathe.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-096SWP-096 Microwave Oven.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-097SWP-097 Saw - Miter Compound Sliding Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-098SWP-098 Mixer - Domestic Countertop.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-099SWP-099 Mixer - Industrial Stationary.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-100SWP-100 Gun - Nailer - Stapler - Portable Hand Held.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-101SWP-101 Numerically Controlled Metal Shear.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-102SWP-102 Oil Drain and Filter Removal.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-103SWP-103 Operating and Moving Vehicles In Shop.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-104SWP-104 Oxygen and Acetylene Portable Cutting Torches.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-105SWP-105 Oxygen and Acetylene Welding Station.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-106SWP-106 Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-107SWP-107 Paint Gun Cleaning.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-108SWP-108 Paint Shaker.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-110SWP-110 Washer - Part Degreaser - Solvent.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-111SWP-111 Permanent Waving.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-112SWP-112 Pipe Tube Flaring.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-113SWP-113 Planer - Thickness Planer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-114SWP-114 Portable Power Lift - Common Sling.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-115SWP-115 Pressure Steamer - Culinary.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-116SWP-116 Pressure Testing Refrigeration Piping.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-117SWP-117 Washer - Portable Pressure Washer.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-118SWP-118 Pressurized Cooling System Tester.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-119SWP-119 Propane Torch.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-120SWP-120 Saw - Radial Arm.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-121SWP-121 Saw - Reciprocating Saws All.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-122SWP-122 Recover XL Direct Vapor Recovery.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-123SWP-123 Recover XLT Direct Liquid Vapor Recovery.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-124SWP-124 Recovering  XL Direct Liquid Recovery.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-125SWP-125 Recovering R-410A High Pressure Gas.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-127SWP-127 Restarting Refridgerant Recovery Equipment.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-128SWP-128 Router - Hand Held Portable Router.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-129SWP-129 Router - Table Mounted Router.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-130SWP-130 Sand Blasting Cabinet.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-131SWP-131 Sander - Belt and Disc Sander.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-133SWP-133 Sander - Drum Surface Stationary.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-134SWP-134 Sander - Spindle Sander.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-135SWP-135 Sanitizer - Kitchen Utensils and Serving Ware.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-136SWP-136 Saw - Scroll Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-137SWP-137 Skillet - Tilt Power Brazing Pan.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-139SWP-139 Iron - Soldering Gun.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-140SWP-140 Spray Painting.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-141SWP-141 Steam Table - Culinary.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-142SWP-142 Ladder - Step Ladder Use Safety.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-143SWP-143 Saw - Table Saw.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-144SWP-144 Thermal Styling Hair with a Curling Iron.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-145SWP-145 Thermal Styling with a Straightening and or Flat Iron.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-146SWP-146 Thermal Styling with Hot Rollers.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-147SWP-147 Changer - Tire Automotive.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-148SWP-148 Transfer - One Worker Belt-Chair to Table.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-149SWP-149 Transfer - Two Worker Belt-Chair to Table.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-150SWP-150 V4 Lift Sling - Hammock 6 Strap.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-151SWP-151 V4 Lift Sling - Hygienic.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-153SWP-153 Virgin Thio Relaxer Hairstyling.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-155SWP-155 Vise - Stationary Clamp.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-156SWP-156 Welder - Arc - Stick.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-157SWP-157 Welder - Metal Inert Gas MIG Welding.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-158SWP-158 Welder - Spot Welder.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-159SWP-159 Welder - Tungsten Inert Gas TIG Welding Machine.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-160SWP-160 Shaper - Stationary Electric Wood Shaping.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-162SWP-162 Press - Offset Duplicator Printing Press.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-163SWP-163 Iron - Stationary Textile Gravity Fed Ironing.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-164SWP-164 Washer - Dish Washer Industrial Conveyor Dishwasher.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-165SWP-165 Food Processor - Domestic Countertop.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-166SWP-166 Metal Brake - Box and Pan  - Universal Brake.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-167SWP-167 Milling Machine - CNC Vertical Milling Machine.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-168SWP-168 Sander - Portable Hand Held Finishing Sander.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-169SWP-169 V4 Lift Sling - Quick Fit.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-170SWP-170 Vacuum - Portable Shop Wet Dry.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-171SWP-171 Spray Paint Gun Operation.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-172SWP-172 Roland Camm-1 Servo Desktop Sign Maker GX-24.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-173SWP-173 Carpet Cleaner Machine - Wet Process.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-174SWP-174 Carpet Cleaner Machine - Dry Process.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-175SWP-175 Sander - Portable Hand Held Belt Sander.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-176SWP-176 Sewing Machine.doc
WSHMS-02C-SWP-177SWP-177 Rotary Tool – Dremel Multi-Tool.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-178SWP-178 Therapy Swings and Platforms.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-187SWP-187 Clam Heat Press.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-188SWP-188 Table Top UV Light Exposure Unit.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-189SWP-189 Electric Conveyor Dryer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-190SWP-190 Spot Dryer.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-191SWP-191 Lever Paper Cutter.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-192SWP-192 Hix Hat Heat Press.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-193SWP-193 Overhead Door Operation.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-194SWP-194 Vacuum Former.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-195SWP-195 Plastic Strip Heater.docx
WSHMS-02C-SWP-196SWP-196 Cold Weather Outdoor Instruction.docx