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Employee Safety Orientation and Review

 Safe Operating Procedure



To establish guidelines for new employee orientation and annual review training for existing employee workers at River East Transcona School Division (RETSD) that meets or exceeds all municipal, federal and provincial legislated workplace safety and health program requirements.


A new employee safety orientation, and an annual safety and health program review, may be defined and documented for compliance as part of Element 8, develop a training plan for supervisors and workers, for the effective development and implementation of a workplace safety and health program under Manitoba legislation.




This safe operating procedure and associated documents establish a procedure for conducting new worker safety orientation and annual safety and health reviews in RETSD.




Students as Workers


Students receive orientation to the workplace on a per class basis.

Divisional Staff


All employee workers in the division must are responsible for participating in workplace safety and health training.




New employees and divisional workers, as soon as reasonably practicable after being hired at RETSD, shall participate in and successfully complete the established safety and health orientation program.




"new worker" means a worker who:


·         is new to the workplace;

·         is moved from one area of a workplace to another area of the workplace that has different

·         processes or hazards;

·         is relocated to a different workplace that has different processes or hazards; or

·         is returning to the same workplace but the processes or hazards in the workplace changed while the worker was away.


RETSD shall ensure that when a new worker begins work in a workplace, the worker is given both a general safety and health orientation and one specific to that worker's workplace.


The following topics, at a minimum, will be included in the worker's orientation:


·         the employer's and worker's rights and responsibilities under the Act and applicable regulations;

·         the name and contact information of the new worker's supervisor;

·         the procedure for reporting unsafe conditions or incidents at the workplace;

·         the procedure for exercising the right to refuse dangerous work at the workplace;

·         contact information for the committee or the representative, as applicable;

·         any policies, programs and safe work procedures that the employer is required to develop pursuant to the Act and applicable regulations that apply to the work to be done by the worker;

·         the hazards to which the worker may be exposed and the control measures undertaken to

·         protect the worker;

·         the location of first aid facilities, means of summoning first aid and procedures for reporting illnesses and injuries;

·         emergency procedures;

·         identification of prohibited or restricted areas or activities;

·         any other matters that are necessary to ensure the safety and health of the worker while at work.

RETSD shall keep records of all orientations provided to new workers.




Employees or divisional workers at RETSD shall periodically participate in and successfully complete the required safety and health review program.




A combination of hard-copy postings, distributions and electronic posting will be used to communicate safety and health program information within RETSD.




All stakeholders shall be trained to their required level of involvement in the WSHMS to become familiar with its structure, organization, and how to look up and access information both electronically and in hard copy form through:


  • New employee orientation, employee manuals or employment information packages


  • Return to work or remedial programs, as required on an individual basis


  • Planned ongoing training through team meetings, individual coaching or other methods as developed or adopted




Ultimately, the superintendent shall be responsible for the sustainability of the WSHMS, and shall enforce compliance to standards at a divisional level.


Workplace safety and health management system compliance shall be managed through the application of performance management and progressive discipline policies and procedures.


Worker failure to comply with provisions of the RETSD safety program may lead to discipline, up to and including discharge from employment and / or other remedies available at law.



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Divisional Safety and Health Officer


Divisional Safety and Health Officer


Divisional Workplace Safety and Health Committee


Director of Human Resources


Director of Human Resources


February 23, 2010

Last Reviewed:

August 10, 2018

Last Revised:

August 10, 2018

Next Review On or Before:

August 10 2021




Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act or equivalent legislation as applicable


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation or equivalent legislation as applicable


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation Part 02 General Duties


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Program Element 08 - Training Plans for Supervisors and Workers


All other associated and applicable workplace safety and health management system documents