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River East Transcona School Division
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Mould Management Program

 Safe Operating Procedure



To establish divisional expectations and standards regarding a mould management program at River East Transcona School Division (RETSD) that meets or exceeds all municipal, federal and provincial legislated workplace safety and health program requirements.


A mould management program must be defined and documented for compliance as part of Element 6, controlling chemical and biological hazards, for the effective development and implementation of a workplace safety and health program under Manitoba legislation.




This safe operating procedure and associated documents establish a procedure for a mould management program for all workers at RETSD. The best practices apply to all RETSD worksites.





Maintenance Staff


Maintenance Department is responsible for the mould management program.




Contractors are expected to follow all mould management program regulations.


See Contractor Safety and Safe Work Permit for details on contractor safety responsibilities.




All workers are encouraged to report to Maintenance any of the following observations:


•          visible mould in common areas of your building

•          exhaust fans or systems that are not working properly

•          leaking taps, pipes, or toilets

•          excess moisture inside the building (around windows, in change areas etc.)

•          water leaking in from outside your building

•          eaves troughs, downspouts and downspout extensions that are not connected and / or working properly

•          areas of the school property that slope towards the building


The Maintenance Department will respond to reports of excess moisture in facilities and take all reasonable and practicable steps to:


•          Eliminate the source of the excess moisture

•          Conduct visual inspections of the area and facility to ensure that there is no mould present

•          Dry the area through mechanical means or opening up the area to allow for air flow drying


If mould is identified in the area that poses a safety and health risk to occupants or workers, Maintenance will:


•          Take appropriate steps to have mould testing performed by a qualified vendor

•          Have mould removed by a qualified party, if applicable.




A combination of hard-copy postings, distributions and electronic posting will be used to communicate safety and health program information within RETSD.




All stakeholders shall be trained to their required level of involvement in the WSHMS to become familiar with its structure, organization, and how to look up and access information both electronically and in hard copy form through:


  • New employee orientation, employee manuals or employment information packages


  • Return to work or remedial programs, as required on an individual basis


  • Planned ongoing training through team meetings, individual coaching or other methods as developed or adopted




Ultimately, the superintendent shall be responsible for the sustainability of the WSHMS, and shall enforce compliance to standards at a divisional level.


Workplace safety and health management system compliance shall be managed through the application of performance management and progressive discipline policies and procedures.


Worker failure to comply with provisions of the RETSD safety program may lead to discipline, up to and including discharge from employment and / or other remedies available at law.



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Divisional Safety and Health Officer


Divisional Safety and Health Officer


Divisional Workplace Safety and Health Committee


Director of Human Resources


Director of Maintenance

Origin Date:

August 31, 2010

Last Revised:

August 8, 2018

Last Reviewed:

August 8, 2018

Next Review On or Before:

August 8, 2021




Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act or equivalent legislation as applicable


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation or equivalent legislation as applicable


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation Part 36 Chemical and Biological Substances


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Program Element 02 – Identifying and Controlling Hazards


All other associated and applicable workplace safety and health management system documents