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Staff Working Directly With Students - Personal Protective Equipment

 Safe Operating Procedure


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Staff Working Directly With Students - Personal Protective Equipment
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​This safe operating procedure documents the process for obtaining personal protective equipment for staff working directly with students..

The content in this document includes:

  •  What personal protective equipment is available

  •  How to obtain personal protective equipment when

  •  General expectations around use


Personal Protective equipment Vendor Website -


  • RETSD has an obligation to provide reasonable, practical and effective engineering, procedural and personal protective equipment controls to allow workers to perform their work safely.

  •  Since engineering and procedural controls alone do not completely control aggressive or violent actions from students to staff, personal protective equipment options are offered.




To establish a process for the provision and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff working directly with students.



The following personal protective equipment devices are available at River East Transcona School Division:

  • Forearm Protectors

  • Zip Up Tops and Inserts

  • Hand Protection

Personal Protective equipment Vendor Website -


  1. Inform your local school administrator and applicable student services staff at the worksite that you want to obtain personal protective equipment.

  2. Email with your name, school worksite and occupation to request a fitting.

  3.  Safety officer will arrange a place and time for fitting.

  4. Typically, the equipment fitted is provided to the worker at the time of fitting.

  5. Worker to use and maintain equipment provided as per general use expectations.


  • Care and washing of equipment is the responsibility of the worker.

  • If PPE has been provided, it is to be worn and used.

  • Equipment is to be worn when staff is working directly with or in the immediate vicinity (example: in the same classroom) of the student for which the PPE is needed. 

  • Equipment does not have to be worn when staff is not working directly with student for which the PPE is needed or is not in the immediate vicinity of the student.

  • When gear is no longer needed, wash and dry gear and turn in to your school administrator.

  • School to keep equipment at the school and be re-issued if it can be used by staff.