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Safety and Health Rules Consolidated


A consolidated listing of standard safety rules and expectations that must always be followed by all stakeholders performing work in RETSD facilities and worksites.


  • RETSD has a set of safety and health rules that must be followed at all times by all people performing work at RETSD facilities.

 Safe Operating Procedure Controlled Document



This safe operating procedure documents RETSD senior management's commitment to providing safety and health rules for the organization that are to be adhered to at all times.

This rules list is not intended to address all safety and health procedures and best practices, but to provide a baseline for workplace safety for the organization.







  • RETSD has a list of safety and health rules that are always expected to be followed by all stakeholders.

  • These rules are clearly displayed on the workplace safety and health website and accessible to all workers and staff.






To define River East Transcona School Division (RETSD) safety and health rules that must be followed in all facilities by all stakeholders at all times.



These safety rules apply to all worksites, workspaces and stakeholders in the school division.




  • Enforcement of these safety rules and regulations is the responsibility of the facility-area supervisor or person in charge.

  • The first contact for safety concerns or incidents should always be the immediate supervisor or person in charge. The supervisor or person in charge, with the assistance of other workers, can best implement a corrective action to an unsafe situation in the shortest time period.

  • Stakeholders should be aware that this consolidated list of safety and health rules and regulations is not exhaustive in scope. It is intended to highlight key safety considerations. Please refer to the workplace safety and health management system (WSHMS) for further details.

  • Worker failure to comply with division safety rules and regulations can result in discipline, up to and including termination of employment, or other remedies available at law.




Right to Know and Understand 


  • Workers have a right to know and understand hazards in the workplace.

  • All controlled products brought on site at River East Transcona School Division facilities shall be accompanied by the applicable material-safety data sheet and proper labeling prior to arriving and being used on site.

  • Contact your supervisor or person in charge if you have questions or concerns about any work procedures, tools, equipment, facilities or chemicals with which you are working.


Right to Participate


  • Workers are encouraged to participate in health and safety initiatives and work on the divisional or site safety and health committee(s) and site teams.

  • Consult committee meeting minutes that are posted in each facility for member contact names, should you wish to discuss a safety concern.


Right to Refuse Dangerous Work


  • Employers and workers have an obligation under the law to ensure the safety and health of themselves and others.

  • If you believe a task is truly dangerous to your health and safety or the safety and health of another, report your concern to your supervisor or person in charge and a resolution process will be put in motion.

  • Always report dangerous or unsafe conditions or acts to your supervisor or person in charge first before contacting the divisional safety and health officer.


Worker Responsibilities


  • Observe safety rules and safe operating procedures at all times.

  • Report safety concerns or incidents and participate in investigation and corrective action as required.

  • Properly maintain and wear all personal protective equipment provided.




  • Learn the correct and safe work procedures for performing any and all job tasks. If you are unsure, have questions or concerns, check immediately with the appropriate supervisor or person in charge.

  • Comply with all safety rules, regulations and established safe work procedures. It is mandatory to consult with the appropriate supervisor or person in charge regarding concerns or improvement suggestions prior to implementing a change to safe work procedures.

  • Engaging in inappropriate running, fighting and horseplay in the workplace is prohibited.

  • Smoking, vaping and the use of tobacco products is not allowed on River East Transcona School Division property and in River East Transcona School Division workplaces.

  • Consumption on site or reporting to work under the influence of illegal and/or unauthorized drugs, alcohol or other non-prescription medication or substances is prohibited. See Policy GBEC— Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace.

  • Possession of firearms, explosives or other objects not required to perform work and that could be used as a weapon are prohibited on site.

  • Always wear clothing, footwear and other equipment appropriate to the work environment and work tasks performed.

  • Entry into confined spaces or restricted spaces shall be done by trained and authorized personnel only.

  • Welding and allied process (welding, soldering, grinding, brazing etc.) shall be performed by supervised persons in training or trained and authorized personnel only, using all necessary and appropriate fire prevention precautions, including open flame monitoring and fire watches.

  • When working in restricted of confined spaces or performing hot work, all safe work procedures shall be observed and applicable safe work permits issued prior to the commencement of work. Restricted and confined spaces shall be properly identified in all River East Transcona School Division facilities. If in doubt as to if a work situation requires a special work permit, contact your supervisor or person in charge.

  • Only trained and authorized personnel are to handle and clean spills of blood and bodily fluids in the workplace.




1. Tell you supervisor and worksite administrator

  • Directly, verbally, to management, without undue delay

2. File a written report without delay using a specified reporting tool electronically


Seeking medical assessment or treatment for a workplace injury?


Complete reporting steps 1 and 2 above and take an Occupational Health Assessment Form with you to your medical practitioner. (Blue brochure at safety bulletin board area)


If you still have questions or concerns regarding safety reporting in the workplace, after consulting with your local administrator, manager or supervisor, contact the Safety and Health Officer @ 204.471.5693 or email




Know the location of exits in your work area and exit the building to the designated rally points for a head count in an evacuation situation.

To evacuate a building:

  1. Exit the building from the closest exit door, upon hearing the alarm signal.

  2. Proceed immediately outside the building to your assigned rally point.

  3. Follow all instructions from your designated fire marshals and remain at the rally point. Do not leave until instructed to do so by a River East Transcona School Division official.




  • Know the location of fire extinguishers, eye-wash stations, first-aid stations, electrical panels and safe walk zones in your work area. Never block access to these locations with equipment or material storage.

  • Report any incidents of use of emergency equipment to your supervisor or person in charge.




Working alone or in isolation means that a worker is either:

  • the only person physically at a site or facility (i.e., alone)


  • physically isolated from other workers in a manner that does not allow the worker to be sufficiently monitored for safety purposes (i.e., isolated)


No worker shall be allowed to work alone or in isolation without a proper working alone plan and monitoring system in place.


Student workers should never be allowed to work alone or in isolation at any RETSD facility, as student workers require supervision at all times when performing work.


If workers at any time have questions or concerns about working alone or in isolation in their specific facility, department or occupational tasks please discuss and obtain clarification with your immediate supervisor or person in charge prior to conducting a working alone or in isolation session.




  • All workspaces are expected to be maintained in a clean, dry and sanitary condition.

  • All workspaces should be kept free of excess combustible materials, clutter, and in an organized manner. Do not exceed combustible load limits for any space.

  • Do not store machines, tools, or materials or otherwise block walkways, hallways, or exits.




  • Only trained and authorized personnel designated by River East Transcona School Division shall operate vehicles, machine or equipment. Do not attempt work for which you are not qualified and/or authorized to perform.

  • Repair or maintenance of tools and equipment shall be performed by authorized personnel only.

  • Repair, maintenance or modification of facility shall be performed by authorized personnel only.

  • All tools must be kept in safe, secure and clean working condition.

  • All portable electric tools must be grounded by a three-pronged plug unless stamped double insulated.

  • Never use extension cords as permanent wiring or to supply power to appliances like refrigerators, toasters, microwaves, or coffee makers etc.

  • Never overload electrical receptacles or insert anything but an electrical plug into receptacles.

  • All machine guards and safety devices must be in place, operative and correctly adjusted before operating the equipment.

  • No employee is allowed access to maintenance or shop tools unless authorized by the appropriate supervisor or person in charge.

  • Authorized personnel shall ensure energy sources are properly controlled (lock-out/tag-out) when performing routine or non-routine maintenance on equipment. Never attempt to clean, repair, adjust and grease, etc., any machinery while it is in motion, unless the equipment is specifically designed to safely allow the procedure.

  • Only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to work on or repair electrical equipment.

  • Workers are forbidden to remove lock-out devices attached by other personnel. See lock-out/tag-out procedures or consult appropriate authorized personnel.

  • No jewelry or other accessories of a similar nature are to be worn where there is a danger of contact with moving machinery parts, electrical devices or other equipment.  

  • No loose-fitting clothing (lab coats, neckties, shirt sleeves, shirt-tails, etc.) shall be exposed when operating or working around moving machinery parts.

  • Hairstyles that hang further than six inches past the nose in a bent-over position must be tied back or contained with an appropriate hair-controlling device when working around moving equipment parts or other equipment where there is a reasonable opportunity for entanglement.

  • Keep alert and attentive to the task at hand. Always ensure body parts stay out of pinch, crush and other hazard zones during setup and operation of the equipment.

  • The use of electronic audio, video and telecommunications devices are prohibited when workers are:

    • operating powered equipment

    • performing at risk work activities

    • are in the immediate area where others are working with powered equipment or performing at risk work activities

unless said equipment is necessary for work and or approved for use by the area supervisor or person in charge.

  • Area supervisors and people in charge have the right and have the responsibility to ban the possession of electronic audio, video and telecommunications devices in specific workspaces if deemed necessary to conduct safe and orderly operations of their workspaces.

  • When working at heights greater than three meters, always use appropriate fall protection equipment.




  • All visitors, general public, contractors and non-employees must, upon arrival at an River East Transcona School Division facility, report to designated checkpoints and sign in on the register, and must display appropriate identification while in the facility or work site, if applicable.

  • All stakeholders on River East Transcona School Division property and work sites must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with River East Transcona School Division code of conduct policy.

  • Acts of violence, harassment, threats, bullying and vandalism are prohibited.

  • All stakeholders must obey and participate in emergency and security measures implemented in the workplace according to their level of responsibility.




  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn properly in designated areas and as required according to job tasks being performed.

  • PPE shall be kept in good condition and must be worn properly to ensure proper protection. Damaged or defective equipment shall be repaired or replaced immediately.

  • Supervisors are obligated to require workers to replace, repair or make other equipment accommodations if, in their opinion, the equipment no longer provides adequate protection or is a hazard in itself.




  1. Practice proper lifting techniques when lifting manually.

  2. Crouch as close as possible to the object.

  3. Get a good grip on the item.

  4. Lift by straightening your legs. Keep your back as straight as possible and let your leg muscles do the work.

  5. Always have your feet pointing in the direction the load is to go.

  6. Never twist your body when carrying a load.

  7. Keep the load as close to your body as possible when carrying.

  8. Seek assistance if the load is too heavy or awkward.




Slips occur when there is a loss of traction between a person and the walking surface, generally leading to a fall. To avoid slips:

  • Avoid walking in areas not designated as walkways whenever possible.

  • Always clean up liquid spills from walking surfaces in a timely manner.

  • Clear snow and ice as much as possible from entrances, exits and walkways.

  • Apply grit sand or other traction-enhancing materials to walking surfaces.

  • Always wear appropriate, flat-soled, slip-resistant footwear when exposed to slippery walking surfaces.

  • Always use any PPE that may be provided that helps with traction control.


Trips occur when a person loses their balance, generally leading to a fall. To avoid trips:

  • Observe all rules regarding avoiding slips.

  • Observe all rules regarding ergonomics and back safety.

  • Always look in the direction of travel, keeping a clear view of the walking surface along the path.

  • If possible, plan your route and remove trip-hazard obstacles prior to travelling the path.

  • Observe and implement proper housekeeping standards.

  • Keep your hands out of your pockets and use your arms to help maintain balance and help break falls if they should occur.

  • Avoid having tools or equipment residing permanently in walkways, and ensure temporary installations are maintained in a fashion that minimizes trip hazard.




A combination of hard-copy postings, distributions and electronic posting will be used to communicate safety and health program information within River East Transcona School Division.




All stakeholders shall be trained to their required level of involvement in the workplace safety and health management system to become familiar with its structure, organization, and how to look up and access information both electronically and in hard copy form through:

  • New employee orientation, employee manuals or employment information packages

  • Return to work or remedial programs, as required on an individual basis

  • Planned ongoing training through team meetings, individual coaching or other methods as developed or adopted.




Ultimately, the superintendent shall be responsible for the sustainability of the workplace safety and health management system and shall enforce compliance to standards at a divisional level.

Workplace safety and health management system compliance shall be managed through the application of performance management and progressive discipline policies and procedures.

Worker failure to comply with provisions of the River East Transcona School Division safety program may lead to discipline, up to and including discharge from employment and / or other remedies available at law.




Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act or equivalent legislation as applicable

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation or equivalent legislation as applicable

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation Part 02 – General Duties

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Program Element 01 – Safety Policy and Management Commitment

All other associated and applicable workplace safety and health management system documents.



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