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River East Transcona School Division
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RETSD Divisional Workplace Safety Program Manual
Image of a coil bound procedure manual with tabs titled Safety Manual

 Based on Manitoba 11 Elements Model

Best practice procedure identification for compliance to the provincial workplace safety and health act and associated regulations.


 RETSD Safety Program & Manitoba 11 Elements

WSHMS-01- Policy

WSHMS-02- Identifying & Controlling Hazards

WSHMS-03- Emergencies

WSHMS-04- Roles & Responsibilities

WSHMS-05- Inspections

WSHMS-06- Chemical & Biological

WSHMS-07- Contractors

WSHMS-08- Training

WSHMS-09- Investigations

WSHMS-10- Participation

WSHMS-11- Evaluation

 Safety Manual Table Of Contents