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River East Transcona School Division
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Safety and Security Planning

 What we do

RETSD holds safety, security and vigilance above comfort, convenience and complacency in all we do to keep school environments safe for everyone. Every time. Every day. Together.

This is a central concept for our safety and security planning for our school division, and is always at the heart of improving safety and security in our school division.

 How we do it

In 2021, RETSD is re- evaluating our current security protocols, equipment and facilities to even better protect our students, staff and community.

Our schools are a safe place to be, and we can always continually improve in all we do.

We are committed to take all reasonable and practical actions to prevent threats to security.

We are committed to implementing all reasonable, practical and best practices in security occurrence management.

To this end, RETSD is formally engaging the expert services of the Winnipeg Police Service on a number of initiatives with a goal of developing a long term, consistently and evenly applied program to serve everyone in our school division and the community in which we operate.

Program initiatives include, but not be limited to:

  • Annual worksite / facilities / protocols security audits and inspections.

  • Annual security plan reviews

  • Testing and drills associated with security occurrence management

  • Training and development of all staff and especially those charged with taking preventative and response actions in a security occurrence event

  • Other